Reasons Why Illumination Entertainment Sucks

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1 They made Minions

In all fairness though, every animation studio falls foul of a similar problem. Some people find Jiminy Cricket annoying and wished Pinocchio would kill him with a hammer (that's what happened in the original text after-all). Others find Tweety Bird annoying and root for Sylvester to eat that squeaky voiced canary.

They speak nothing but gibberish - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

I think they're funny, but opinions are opinions.

EDIT: Well...that opinion has changed. - DCfnaf

2 They're the reason people think animation is only for kids

I once told my aunt that I didn't like Despicable Me, and she said: "But these animated movies are mainly for kids, so go a little easy on them." Do you want an ultimate example of animation being for everybody, regardless of age?

One word: Pixar

Since Toy Story, Pixar has made stories that people can relate to, with beautiful animation, interesting characters, and most importantly, they treat their audiences seriously, and challenges them. Illumination Studios is continuously lowering the standards for animated movies because they are lazy, lifeless, but their harmless. Because of that, millions of people worldwide are giving them the benefit of the doubt because "their for kids." No. We can't have that. Walt Disney once said that you're dead if you make animation ONLY for kids. Don't lower your standards. The children of this planet are much smarter than you give them credit for.

Just like Sony Pictures Animation. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

3 They made The Secret Life Of Pets which ripped off Toy Story

Illumination: hey Disney, can I copy your homework
Disney: sure
Illumination: Thanks!

4 They ruined Dr. Seuss' Lorax

They will ruin the Grinch as well - ikerevievs

5 They are Disney and Pixar wannabes

Their movies are completely different styles from Disney or Pixar. They are not wannabes. They do their own thing. - Mcgillacuddy

So you're saying that there can't be other animation studios? - DCfnaf

6 Their movies are cash grabs

While I like Despicable Me and its sequel, Illumination Entertainment should really try to come up with more high-quality and original movies that aren't just made to earn profit. It isn't always about the money when it comes to animated movies. They need to have quality as well. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Look at Sing. It's literally animals singing popular songs. You know what it is. - DCfnaf

The animation is cheap to increase their profit.

7 Their animation is too simplistic

The character design in most Illumination Entertainment movies are too weak, cartoony and disgusting. The only Illumination Entertainment movie with GCI that does not hurt our eyes is Hop, one of their weaker movies besides The Lorax. Luckily, the character animation is controlled, realistic, swift (Taylor Swift is in The Lorax, and she reasonably sucks now) and unlimited. Another good main aspect of the animation is the backgrounds, which have a lot of personality to it, show that Illumination Entertainment actually has a brain and is too good for its CGI. - The Ultimate Daredevil

This is blatantly done to save money

I really dislike their animation, the character designs are cringy sometimes and the backgrounds are uninteresting and just colors. But this list sucks too, it barely mentions how greedy they are and their formulaic movies and just puts entries about individual movies.. - Phillip873

8 They are overshadowing DreamWorks Animation, another animation studio owned by Universal

Actually DreamWorks is independent they just go to other studios to be under their brand that's why they moved from fox DreamWorks isn't owned by universal - ikerevievs

I know Universal Pictures hasn't DISTRIBUTED any DreamWorks Animation films yet, but they just acquired the studio recently. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

9 Seth MacFarlane was a mouse in Sing

Yeah, So? - kcianciulli

10 They are overshadowing Laika, another animation studio owned by Universal

Laika isn't owned by Universal. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

Kubo and the Two Strings was way better than most of I.E.'s movies. - DCfnaf

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11 They don't care if their movies are good or not as long as they make money

That's actually true.

12 They're just like Sony Pictures Animation

Yeah, even worse. The emoji movie would look like Toy Story to an Illumination executive. At least Sony Had a humble beginning and made "Surf's up". I know only 2 good movies from Illumination. And Sing is my least favorite animated movie.

At least illumination is better than making garbage like the emoji movie - ikerevievs

Sony pictures sucks more

13 They're going to ruin mario

Yep here we go first dr seuss and now mario - ikerevievs

14 They're only good movie is the first Despicable Me movie

I liked Sing, but the rest of IEs movies, besides Despicable Me, I don't like. - Mcgillacuddy

15 They were the ones responsible for making McDonald's new mascot Happy
16 They're ruining the Grinch

This wasn't the first time Universal ruined the Grinch. - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

After that will be mario - ikerevievs

17 Sing was rushed
18 Trey Parker in Despicable Me 3
19 They're worse than Blue Sky and DreamWorks
20 All they care about are Minions
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