Illumination is Gonna Ruin Super Mario!

MegaSoulhero Illumination has gone too far this time! It was bad enough when they made me hate the minions from Despicable Me even though I used to like them, but this is crossing the line! Super Mario is one of my favorite video game franchises! When I heard it was getting an animated movie instead of a live action movie like that terrible one from 1993, I was excited. Until I found out that Illumination Entertainment is the company that’s working on it!

Look, so far I’ve only liked two films from Illumination. And they were the first two Despicable Me movies. Minions was unbearable and Despicable Me 3 wasn’t atrocious, but it was still pretty bad. And the rest of Illumination’s films were terrible! And now it’s been announced that they’re making a movie based on one of the most memorable video game franchises of all time! And the fact that it was announced almost a month after the release of Super Mario Odyssey just angers me! I haven’t played Super Mario Odyssey since I don’t have a Nintendo Switch. I’ve only played a demo version of it at Comic-Con. It was pretty fun. And it’s another example of what makes Super Mario so great. So the fact that they’re leaving an animated Super Mario movie in the hands of Illumination is just not right! Most of you have seen some of Illumination’s movies, so you can get an idea of what their humor consists. It’s just... not funny! I feel like the Super Mario movie might have some of that humor thrown into places. Very childish humor. Obviously the movie will be for kids, but I’m pretty sure adults who grew up with the Super Mario games would really want to see the movie as well.

The only good thing about the live action film was the fact that Princess Peach wasn’t in it. But since she’s a huge part of the Super Mario franchise, she’s gonna have to be in this one. Princess Peach is the only thing I don’t like about Super Mario! Princesses like Ariel and Jasmine are able to stand up for themselves and can be pretty aggressive. Peach, however, is just “Oh I need to be rescued all the time because I’m so helpless and weak! I’m incapable of taking care of myself!” But again, I understand that she has to be in the movie. Something I hope they do is they have at least one moment in which she does something heroic. Just ONE moment! That would make me happy! Still, they’re letting Illumination create a movie adaptation of a very popular game franchise! Why couldn’t they let Sony do it? They made the Angry Birds movie. I didn’t like that movie but at least it felt like a movie version of the Angry Birds game. The problem with it was that it came out at a time when Angry Birds wasn’t popular anymore. Mario, however, is something that will be remembered for years and Mario games will continue to be made! If they made a Mario movie, it would most likely be good. But unfortunately, they’re putting they’re faith in an animation studio that doesn’t know what they’re doing most of the time. Imagine if they put in pop culture references or something. That would totally ruin it for me. Although, I’m curious who they’re gonna get to voice the characters.

Even though the movie’s in early production and we haven’t seen any footage of it, I’m not very excited. Given Illumination’s track record with movies like Sing and Secret Life of Pets, this worries me. I really hope I’m wrong on this one. Maybe it will turn out to be surprisingly good. One can only hope. The movie’s gonna make a lot of money regardless. So it’s still a win for them. I doubt it will be as bad as the live action movie, though.


Screw Illumination and their painfully mediocre and bland movies! Why couldn't they give the rights to Wreck it Ralph 2 instead! But hey they could surprise me... - Phillip873

Ugh please don't promote the nintendo switch crapination entertainment bad things can't promote good - TristGamer

Why can't Illumination shut down? - visitor

Employment - iliekpiez

Coming 2019: Mario and Minions: Kingdom battle!

But seriously, haven't we learned already that movies based on video games will almost always suck? - visitor

"Princess Peach is the only thing I don’t like about Super Mario! "
So you're biased and want the film to not include her because YOU ALONE do not like said character?
Pfft. - visitor

I didn’t say that I don’t want them to include her. I’m saying I hope they make her a mentally stronger character in the movie. Never once in this rant did I say I don’t want Princess Peach to be in the film. - MegaSoulhero

Illumination, the film studio that has only made TWO good films, is making a Mario movie. Much like you said, I was really happy when they were making a remake. Thank you for making this post, now I know what movie not to watch. - Drawbox

We'll Wait And See - JPK


Mario is gonna become the next Sonic. I calling it. - visitor