Top Ten Reasons Why I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here 2016 is the Worst Series


The Top Ten

1 Danny Baker Leaving First

He was the best contestant and lost to Sam! - DapperPickle

2 No Rivalries or Bromances

I guess there was that one bromance but it really didn't get any mention. - DapperPickle

I agree. - IronSabbathPriest

We want action,not more Admam and Scarlett or Shower Scenes! - DapperPickle

Are you claiming Adam-Joel-Wayne wasn't a bromance?
Will agree with you on lack of rivalries - Puga

3 The Comedian Of The Show Wasn't Funny

Joel Domment was not funny.At all.Only to mothers. - DapperPickle

4 Sam Quek Getting Way Too Far In The Competition

What was so good about Sam that got her to 4th place? She isn't interesting and Carol should've been there instead. - DapperPickle

Stupid sushi muncher got far because she's "relatable" - Puga

5 The Whole Character of Martin Roberts

Who still watches Homes Under the Hammer? - IronSabbathPriest

My hero my mate. So overhated. Seen some people say he's worse than Lady C - Puga

He is such a whiner,and anybody who touches his bi*c hy body will be eliminated on the spot! - DapperPickle

6 Larry Lamb and Carol Vorderman Not Making It Halfway Through The Competition

I was neutral on Larry but I think he should've went further seeing he is more famous. - DapperPickle

Larry was a boring old testicle. Swap Carol with Sam and you have a perfect final six. - Puga

Probably the only celebrities you knew didn't reach halfway through the ranks.BUT YOU KNOW WHO DID? Wayne,Sam and Adam. - DapperPickle

7 No Appearances of Medic Bob

I think Kiosk Kieth is good enough. - Puga

I miss Bob. - DapperPickle

Kiosk Keith overstayed his welcome in the xtraceleb show.Medic Bob was completely absent which was weird. - DapperPickle

8 Vicky Pattison Being a Terrible Presenter

She made me wince even though she was my favourite last year. - DapperPickle

9 Scarlett Moffat Not Being a Celebrity

Might as well send Hugh Mungus into the jungle - Puga

All she does is watch T.V. and that makes her famous? - DapperPickle

10 Half of The Contestants Were Dull and Forgettable

Larry was dull but he was more recognisable so we wasn't forgettable - DapperPickle

Remember Lisa? Ola? Jordan? Wayne? Sam?

No? Then you are like the rest of the population. - DapperPickle

I do remember Ola Jordan as she was a fixture on Strictly Come Dancing before she went in the jungle. - jezza0

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