Top Ten Reasons Why I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here 2016 is the Worst Series

The Top Ten Reasons Why I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here 2016 is the Worst Series

Danny Baker Leaving First

He was the best contestant and lost to Sam! - DapperPickle

No Rivalries or Bromances

I guess there was that one bromance but it really didn't get any mention. - DapperPickle

I agree. - IronSabbathPriest

We want action,not more Admam and Scarlett or Shower Scenes! - DapperPickle

Are you claiming Adam-Joel-Wayne wasn't a bromance?
Will agree with you on lack of rivalries - Puga

The Comedian Of The Show Wasn't Funny

Joel Domment was not funny.At all.Only to mothers. - DapperPickle

Sam Quek Getting Way Too Far In The Competition

What was so good about Sam that got her to 4th place? She isn't interesting and Carol should've been there instead. - DapperPickle

Stupid sushi muncher got far because she's "relatable" - Puga

The Whole Character of Martin Roberts

Who still watches Homes Under the Hammer? - IronSabbathPriest

My hero my mate. So overhated. Seen some people say he's worse than Lady C - Puga

He is such a whiner,and anybody who touches his bi*c hy body will be eliminated on the spot! - DapperPickle

Larry Lamb and Carol Vorderman Not Making It Halfway Through The Competition

I was neutral on Larry but I think he should've went further seeing he is more famous. - DapperPickle

Larry was a boring old testicle. Swap Carol with Sam and you have a perfect final six. - Puga

Probably the only celebrities you knew didn't reach halfway through the ranks.BUT YOU KNOW WHO DID? Wayne,Sam and Adam. - DapperPickle

No Appearances of Medic Bob

I think Kiosk Kieth is good enough. - Puga

I miss Bob. - DapperPickle

Kiosk Keith overstayed his welcome in the xtraceleb show.Medic Bob was completely absent which was weird. - DapperPickle

Vicky Pattison Being a Terrible Presenter

She made me wince even though she was my favourite last year. - DapperPickle

Scarlett Moffat Not Being a Celebrity

Might as well send Hugh Mungus into the jungle - Puga

All she does is watch T.V. and that makes her famous? - DapperPickle

Half of The Contestants Were Dull and Forgettable

Larry was dull but he was more recognisable so we wasn't forgettable - DapperPickle

Remember Lisa? Ola? Jordan? Wayne? Sam?

No? Then you are like the rest of the population. - DapperPickle

I do remember Ola Jordan as she was a fixture on Strictly Come Dancing before she went in the jungle. - jezza0

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