Top 10 Reasons Why Imagine Dragons Are Better Than Evanescence

Note: This is just my opinion. If you disagree with it, I respect your opinion.

The Top Ten Reasons Why Imagine Dragons Are Better Than Evanescence

1 Imagine Dragons have better lyrics

Don't get me wrong, Evanescence have some really good lyrics they display in songs like Whisper, Going Under, My Immortal, and My Last Breath, but I personally think Imagine Dragons showcase more meaningful and better lyrics in songs like Demons, Smoke and Mirrors, I'll Make It Up To You, Amsterdam, and Believer

Disagree with this also, as I tend to find ID lyrics to be very generic and broad. Plenty of other bands do the sort of inspirational lyricism they do because it appeals to a wide variety of people. - DCfnaf

Disagree with this list a lot. Not only does Evanescence have superior lyrics, but a far superior singer as well. - OnlyInDreams

Not really, Evanescence covers many topics, but for ID it's usually the same generic theme. - ThatIntrovertedEmo

2 Imagine Dragons give more focus to the other band members, where as in Evanescence, it's just Amy Lee

Whenever I hear about anything related to Evanescence, I only hear about Amy Lee and how good her voice is while ignoring the other band members. How can a band be amazing if the lead singer is the only one that gets a lot of praise? Gets worse when Amy Lee says, "I am Evanescence." In Imagine Dragons, I do mostly hear about Dan Reynolds, but I also hear about how great the drumming, the bass, and the guitars are in songs. Even I also love the other members aside from just Dan Reynolds.

I think Amy says that she's Evanescence because she's the one original band member still standing. The lineup is constantly changing, so that might be why she said that. I don't know though. - DCfnaf

I'm more into Evanescence, but this is a very valid point. - yungstirjoey666

3 Wayne Sermon is a better guitarist than Ben Moody

Ben Moody is a great guitarist, as his solos in Going Under and Whisper and riffs in Bring Me To Life and Tourniquet were great, but Wayne in my opinion has better solos such as Smoke and Mirrors, I'll Make It Up To You, Hopeless Opus, and Warriors

4 Demons is better than Bring Me To Life

In my opinion it's the opposite

Demons showcases a lot of beautiful lyricism, instrumentals, and vocals, which makes it one of my favorite songs by Imagine Dragons. I also like Bring Me To Life though, but it's just too angsty and the lyrics pale in comparison to Demons.

But you don't want demons to wake you up inside.
I hate myself. - RoseWeasley

5 Daniel Platzman is a better drummer than Will Hunt

Interesting that you say that about "Believer" because if anything, one of the biggest criticisms of the song is the percussion. It's louder than anything else in the song and many have compared the sound to that of balloons popping. - DCfnaf

I know people may hate Believer, but you guys can't deny that the drumming in it rocked. Daniel Platzman also has great drumming skills in songs like Warriors, Battle Cry, Ready Aim Fire, and Nothing Left To Say. Will has some pretty good drumming, but it didn't grab my attention as Daniel Platzman has.

6 Imagine Dragons never bashed anyone

Might I introduce you to "Bullet in a Gun", a song where Dan Reynolds fires shots at the critics who labelled him a sellout and disliked "Thunder" and some of his other recent songs. And when you consider the fact that Shaun was always drunk and that had a negative impact on their relationship, it's understandable that Amy would be pissy about it. Though I won't deny that it's a little petty in a Taylor Swift-esque kind of way. - DCfnaf

Other than the critics, they've never tried to hate on a band on Social Media though

One thing I really like about ID is that they never try to bash anyone or hate, as I barely heard about them bashing a music artists. Amy Lee bashed her ex boyfriend, Shaun Morgan (in the song Call Me When You're Sober) and hurting his feelings

7 They Are All Alcoholics
8 Ben McKee is a better bassist than Will Boyd

Ben McKee has a lot of unforgettable moments such as the bass drops in Radioactive and I'm So Sorry, bass lines in Friction, and his bass solo in live performances. Will Boyd, doesn't really have a lot of those. He's good, but Ben's better in my opinion.

9 Better use of percussion by Evanescence

Obviously this is a subjective reason, so I don't have a problem with it. But personally, the percussion is one of my least favorite things about a lot of ID songs. There are several songs in their discography where the drums sound like balloons popping or gunshots firing and it's quite grating for me to listen to (Radioactive, Believer, etc). I've never had that issue with Evanescence. But like I said, it all comes down to personal preference. - DCfnaf

Songs such as Natural, Believer, Radioactive, Demons, and Friction have a better variety and different sound of percussion, which is what I like about the band. Evanescence's percussion, aside from piano, doesn't sound very unique or different

10 Imagine Dragons discuss more topics in their songs

Hello/Like You: Amy's dead sister
My Immortal: The death of a loved one
Everybody's Fool: The secrets of the music industry's most popular artists' lives
Tourniquet: Suicide
Going Under/Sweet Sacrifice: Abusive Relationships
Lithium: Depression
Good Enough: Genuine love/happiness
Missing: Loneliness/Feeling Unsure of Oneself - DCfnaf

Topics in songs like
Gold: Greed
Monster: One's bad side
Smoke And Mirrors: Questioning Life
Amsterdam: Suicide
Evanescence also discuss other topics as well, but I think Imagine Dragons discuss more

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11 Dan Reynolds is a better singer than Amy Lee

Again, I prefer Amy's voice, and Dan's voice grates on my ears. But like I said, this all comes down to personal preference and what type of vocal tone you prefer. - DCfnaf

By the way I like that you are being reasonable about your objections to this list unlike how most people react to them. I personally like both bands though I don't really know enough songs from Evanescence. - Powell

Amy may have a more powerful voice, but Dan has more speed, variety, and can sing very softly to very loud (ex. Smoke and Mirrors). Both are great singers, but I prefer Dan.

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