Top 10 Reasons Why Inside Out Is Better Than Frozen


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1 It focuses on more than 2 characters
2 It's colorful

Frozen is bland, enough said. - MorganChambz

It is colorful and my favorite two are joy and saddness.

3 Has no annoying songs

Does anybody likes Bing Bong's Song? Thumbs up if you like it - bugger


4 It expresses more emotion throughout the film and ironically is about emotion
5 A much happier plot

Happy? When Riley runs away and has a dark mind? Oh yeah that's very happy.

Frozen's plot is dull and depressing, Inside Out looks really fun. - MorganChambz

And then we see inside out and feel like crying. It's not all happy.


Riely runs away, bing-bong dies, the islands fall, riely's friendships end... This isn't all happy, but yeah there are some funny parts. - AnonymousChick

6 Riley is more relatable than Anna and Elsa

I'm relieved that Riley's sibling-less.

Anna and Elsa - Neither of them deserved a sibling/sister on their own

Anna and Elsa - Unfit to be related to each other as sisters

Anna and Elsa - Unfit sisters

Hopefully, Riley's cousin-less.

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7 No annoying princesses in the film

No Doubt Inside Out Is Better Than Frozen. - masoncarr2244

8 It is made by Pixar and not Disney

Anna should've been made by Pixar, but not Elsa.

Uh, no. It's Disney PIXAR. What are you, 6?

9 Joy didn't run off like a baby like Elsa did

Esla did not run like a baby! she was scared.

10 Anger is funnier than Olaf

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11 It has a smarter plot

Or is it just me? Because being sad forgets happiness in real life. I bet Riley is smarter than Elsa and Anna - bugger

12 Less Singing

I know! There is not many songs and singing in the movie, Elsa just keeps singing Let It Go to annoy you - bugger

13 It helped explain science and Frozen didn't

According to what I looked up, Inside Out helped scientists explain the logic and science of memory! What do you think Frozen did? I'm waiting for an answer, actually don't bother, Frozen didn't do crap!

14 It's funny
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1. It's colorful
2. It focuses on more than 2 characters
3. It expresses more emotion throughout the film and ironically is about emotion
1. It focuses on more than 2 characters
2. It's colorful
3. Has no annoying songs


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