Top Ten Reasons Why Instagram Is Better Than TheTopTens


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1 You can talk to your real friends on Instagram

This is true. - 3DG20

Agree that Instagram is better

The top ten a is awesome. You need to get a life - EpicJake

To be honest both sites are kinda terrible... Just my opinion.

2 You can post pictures on Instagram

Instagram is better - Luckys

And you can post lists on TheTopTens. I personally prefer Instagram, but both sites are good in different ways. - 3DG20

Instagram and TheTopTens don't have anything to do with each other. So stop comparing stuff that have nothing alike like I did. - EpicJake

Yeah so? You can put a picture on the top tens to. - cosmo

3 Instagram is more popular

So? - 3DG20

Really? That's your reasoning? Popular means better? - PositronWildhawk

Does it matter if Instagram is popular? No. - EpicJake

TheTopTens is also kind of popular - Nateawesomeness

4 TheTopTens is inappropriate for little kids, Instagram is appropriate

You people are so entitled, why do you all complain about how inappropriate everything is

This is backwards. Anyone who would make a list dissing TheTopTens is stupid. You made an account on TheTopTens but you don't like it. - letdot52

Exactly how is instagram APPROPRIATE? - CardboardBox

Instagram is for 13+ And TheTopTens is for 12+ so if anything there about the some just Instagram is more inappropriate not more appropriate - Jada

5 Too many this is better than that lists on TheTopTens

Funny how this is on a list called Reasons Instagram is better than TheTopTens... - 3DG20

Oh, the irony of this statement. - PetSounds

This site isn't called TheTopTens for nothing you know? - EpicJake

You can't say much Comparisons - you are so ironic - jmepa1234

6 You can take selfies on Instagram

If you take selfies, you need to reconsider yourself. - Pony

The only good that came out of selfies are that now, hostile aliens won't visit our planet and attack us.

Selfies are overrated, annoying and pointless though so I don't understand why you’d want to. - 3DG20

Who even cares about them? - Animefan12

7 TheTopTens admin doesn't care

True. - Userguy44

The only good reason on this list. - SoloPotato

He has a policy. That's why you can't curse in this site. It makes the people have nicer tendencies unlike in Instagram.

I agree it doesn't really change much but they do listen - jmepa1234

8 Instagram has a better logo

I agree, and I also agree that Instagram is better, (I like both though so don't shoot me) but how does having a better logo make the site itself better? - 3DG20

Is this a joke

I prefer the top Tens logo - jmepa1234

9 Too many WWE lists on TheTopTens

Music lists are way more overused. - 3DG20

That is a big problem here. WWE is fake. - 445956

Oh yeah there is I think people might have problem - Jada

This doesn't change the website - jmepa1234

10 Too much Bieber hatred on TheTopTens

HEY! You can never have too much Bieber hatred.

Really? Can you hate him more than Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin Combined? - Aguythatpeopleignores

It's not like there is no Bieber hatred in Instagram. Many people hate all sorts of stuff there.

If you don't like the top Tens Comparisons then quit it - jmepa1234

Like the Adolf Hitler < JB list. I'd rather listen to a year of Justin Beiber than be beaten, starved, or tortured. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

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11 Too much hatred for Nicki Minaj

Justin Bieber too. I’m not a fan of the music from either of them, but TopTenners take their hate way too far. - 3DG20

I hate her music but the hatred starts to get annoying sometimes because o stupid reasons. - Aguythatpeopleignores

I have friends who like Nicki, one of them is my sister - 445956

12 TheTopTens is full of brats

Yeah, let's have a TheTopTens party... so we can eat bratwursts sponsored by Instagram. - Turkeyasylum

We're nor brats, we are people who have opinions backed up with logic.

Instagram has many brats. TheTopTens has respectfull, intelligent people. The person who made this list is a hypocrite- she is calling herself a brat. - Pony

At least,"brats" on this site aren't whiny, annoying, and immature. - Delgia2k

If you think we're brats comparisons then you look at Instagram, too. You'll be surprised how many brats are on Instagram. - FennikenFan9

13 People on TheTopTens think they're better
14 Too many Haters

Same with Instagram and Facebook, you hypocrite.

Yea,their is so many haters here! - Nateawesomeness

15 Instagram has more diversity with fanbases
16 Instagram has nicer users

For the record, Instagram users are selfish and obsessed. TheTopTens users may be obsessed with stuff, but they are rational, they have logic, are smarter and are nicer.

I don't like what you said about the Instagram people. I'm not against your opinion or anything, it's just that not all users on Instagram are how you described them. - FennikenFan9

17 Instagram is a place to take pics when you feel good

I agree1

18 TheTopTens is for snobs
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