Reasons Why Irish Is Hard to Learn

Irish may be easier than languages such as Chinese or Hindi, but it is still quite hard with complicated vocabulary like Basque.

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1 Horrifically taught in school

Schools teach it because they are forced to and don't take the language very seriously. Teachers should encourage students to speak the language every day to their friends or something to help with school - sryanbruen

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2 Multiple vocabulary for certain words

Two for example, instead of saying two people which in Irish would be LITERALLY dhá duine but instead a different translation is used and it is "beirt". Another example, one = haon, one person = duine, one thing = amháin - sryanbruen

3 Different prepositions

You have to remember different prepositions for different verbs, such as uaim, agam etc - sryanbruen

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4 It is a dead language

It is not spoken today which makes it hard to learn - sryanbruen

5 No updated Irish dictionaries or books

Irish dictionaries have very few of the especially difficult words of the Irish language and most of the educational books are all Irish and therefore, confuse the learning student who speaks English - sryanbruen

6 No professional online translator
7 Difficult orthography
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1. Horrifically taught in school
2. Multiple vocabulary for certain words
3. It is a dead language
1. Different prepositions
2. Multiple vocabulary for certain words
3. It is a dead language



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