Top 10 Reasons Why Iron Maiden is Better Than Metallica

I know if this list approves then someone's gonna made a list against mine.

But anyway I think Iron Maiden is better than Metallica

I also like Metallica but I like Iron Maiden more .So I've given my opinions .If someone likes Metallica more than iron maiden then please submit a list .

The Top Ten

1 Bruce Dickinson is better singer than James Hetfield

Interesting that this is #1 because I think the singing is the only thing that is better in Metallica. I would actually prefer James Hetfield's voice in some Maiden songs (Be Quick or Be Dead, 2 Minutes to Midnight, Gates of Tomorrow and the entire AMOLAD album). - Alkadikce

I love both, but I think Bruce’s voice is better. James is still a great singer though. - Userguy44

No one could doubt it.James is a great metal singer. But Bruce is all the way far better than James.

I agree fully but to be fair James is losing his voice where Bruce isn't. Not to say James was ever better because he isn't but Bruce has kept his voice - Johnnyt800

2 They continually make good music

Iron Maiden have just gotten better and better over the years

Virtual XI >>>> St. Anger - Alkadikce

No Metallica fan wants to acknowledge that St Anger or Lulu ever existed and crave for the early pre-Load era only. Iron Maiden have been going for a good 30+ years and still put out quality releases. Don't believe me? Go listen to The Book of Souls.

3 They are more influential
4 They have better musicians

Metallica never had a good drummer but Iron Maiden always had talented musicians on every instrument. - zxm

5 Steve Harris is better than Jason Newsted and Robert Trujillo

Cliff Burton may be great but he wasn't in Metallica for too long

6 Their guitar riffs are better

I know thrash metal guitar riffs are more popular. But Iron Maiden has more unique riffs. I mean more unique style. Better technique. - zxm

7 Nicko McBrain's drum beats are better than Lars Ulrich's

Yep, Lars is pretty overrated. - Userguy44

8 Their music is better
9 They have more good songs

I'm not saying this Metallica hasn't good songs but maiden's got a large number of great songs. - zxm

10 They are one of the earliest heavy metal bands

This makes sense if they were infulential. - Userguy44

The Contenders

11 They are a True Heavy Metal Band

St. Anger was still metal, but it sounded so different. Same with Load and Reload. - Userguy44

Most of the time they stuck with metal and did great. But Metallica couldn't hold their legacy always. I mean they have some bad reputation. - zxm

12 Iron Maiden made Empire Of The Clouds and Metallica never made anything of that quality or magnitude
13 They still make great music

I think Hardwired To Self-Destruct is good as well. - Userguy44

14 Iron Maiden is their own genre of metal, Metallica is just another thrash metal band

Dave Murray is much better than Kirk Hammet at guitar

15 Dave Murray is much better at guitar than Kirk Hammet
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1. Bruce Dickinson is better singer than James Hetfield
2. They are more influential
3. They have better musicians
1. They continually make good music
2. They are more influential
3. Their guitar riffs are better
1. They continually make good music
2. They are more influential
3. Their guitar riffs are better


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