Top 10 Reasons Why is Nirvana is Overrated

Nirvana is a good band but they are extremely overrated and that's what this list is about reasons why they are overrated

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1 People Claim Kurt Cobain is the Greatest Guitarist When He Himself Says He Isn't

His guitar playing skills were very basic. I didn't even need his confession to make this conclusion. The solo to Smells like Teen Spirit is one of the easiest solos of all time. - Metal_Treasure

Even Chad Kroeger from Nickelback is a better guitarist the he was - christangrant

Cobain's voice always seemed like nosy to me. - zxm

His guitar riffs are simple and pretty repetitive.He himself even said that he is not a great guitarist

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2 People Claim Kurt Cobain is the Greatest Vocalist of All Time When There are Better

Layne Staley and Chris Cornell are so much better that I would say they are from a different league - whole another level of vocal skills. - Metal_Treasure

Example Layne Staley and Chris Cornell were better vocalist than he was - christangrant

True. Cornell was miles better, and Staley and Vedder were both better. Even Weiland probably had a better voice than Cobain did.

True but at least he sounded somewhat better than Scott Weiland in my opinion. - CaptainMowzker

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3 They are Considered the Best Band Ever Just Because of One Song They Made

That's true and so illogical to regard a band as the best for one song - Ananya

And That song is Smells Like a Overrated Song - christangrant

And that song is REALLY annoying!

Smells Like Teen Spirit is overrated and not their best song at all. Rape Me is much better - venomouskillingmachine

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4 They Overshadow Other Bands that are Better Than They Are

Example Soundgarden Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains are better than Nirvana - christangrant

In terms of musicianship, all 3 bands from the Big-4 of grunge were actually better. Strange, eh? - Metal_Treasure

Pearl Jam does more complex arrangements on most songs than Nirvana could have attempted.

Alice In Chains' songs are better. - zxm

5 Their Songs are Simple

Yes, and namely this is the reason they became the most popular grunge band. The majority of people like simple songs. - Metal_Treasure

Because Kurt isn't a great guitarist the songs are really simple - christangrant

And boring. - Ananya

6 Nevermind Isn't as Good as People Make It Out to Be

Nevermind is a good album, but why do people treat it like it's the best grunge album? It's not the best grunge album, or even the best Nirvana album. In Utero makes Nevermind look like garbage. - Metarock

I love the cleanness of Nevermind but In Utero is much more interesting and better. - cjWriter1997

Dirt by Alice in Chains was a Better Album than Nevermind was - christangrant

I agree Bleach is a lot better for its rawness. - CaptainMowzker

7 They Only Made 3 Studio Albums

Lets see if they are the greatest band ever then why don't they have more albums oh wait we all know why - christangrant

Its because Kurt Cobain died. - zxm

Just because Kurt died doesn't change the fact that they only made 3 albums, 1 that was ok, 1 bad one and 1 that is overrated as all hell - kempokid

8 Come as You are is a Ripoff of Another Song

The riff sounds similar to Eighties - Killing Joke - christangrant

Still a damn good song

And it’s also literally their only good song.

9 They Aren't the Best Band in Their Genre

Alice in Chains Soundgarden and Pearl Jam are better than Nirvana - christangrant

Agreed here. there are better - zxm

Still a good band but plenty better ones excluding Pearl Jam. I don’t like Pearl Jam for some reason. I can’t get into them

10 Nirvana is More of a Brand Than a Band

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11 People Claim Kurt Cobain is the Greatest Rockstar of All Time Just Because He's Dead

Just like Hendrix. While Hendrix was really good at guitar he wasnt the best but just think of it if cobain was still alive nobody would say he's the best

Kurts death has a lot to do with their popularity

12 Their Songs are Very Radio Friendly

Mainly the songs on Nevermind - christangrant

Cough cough, rape me, moist vagina, territorial pissings, cough cough.

Depends on the song but songs like Rape Me aren't what I'd call radio friendly... - CaptainMowzker

13 Their Career Only Lasted Eight Years

That’s because kurt died...

14 They're Manufactured

Nirvana is the worst band ever.

15 People make them sound much better than they are simply because Kurt Cobain is dead

Sadly this judgmental trope repeats itself throughout history

16 Kurt’s vocals are equivalent to those of a whiny three-year-old

I mean, have you heard Chris Cornell sing? Now THAT’S a voice!

17 They Were Responsible for the Downfall of Metal in the 90s

Because of how overrated they were Metal Bands weren't getting the attention they deserved the only metal bands that got attention were Metallica and Pantera - christangrant

I don't think this was a good reason on this list but everything else was a good reason - christangrant

Here I don't agree. It's their credit they could made grunge popular. - zxm

I don't agree with this reason. - CaptainMowzker

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