Top Ten Reasons Why ISIS and Nazis Are Equally Evil


The Top Ten

1 They both kill.

Thank you for the idea Martinglez. - Skullkid755

But Nazis also correct your grammar at the randomest times.oh wait,that's grammar Nazis - Nateawesomeness

2 They both are prejudice.
3 They both cause prejudice.

ISIS is the reason many hate Islam
Nazis are the reason some hate Germans - Skullkid755

4 They both deserve to be punished.

Nazis were punished years ago. Now it's isis's turn. - nintendofan126

They don't deserve punishment. They deserve(d)a slow, painful, death. - Therandom

Why the heck is Therandom's comment getting thumbs down? - RalphBob

5 They both create wars.

Just because you create wars doesn't mean you're bad.

Nazis grab some land that have German population (such as Danzig) but that escalated quickly to WW2 - RedAce66

6 They both are evil.
7 Neither have good morals.
8 Neither have common sense.

Common sense nothing but a collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen. In other words, you don't need common sense to live.

9 They both harmed countries.

Nazis harmed a country that deserved it. Not all countries deserved it, though.

10 They both kill people with Down Syndrome.

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11 They both deserve hate.
12 They both oppressed millions of humans
13 They kill different religions
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