Top Ten Reasons Why Islam is Stupid

Just another list Criticizing Another Religion, Islam.

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1 The Quran tells Muslims to kill anyone who tries to leave the religion.

This list was checked multiple times by me and the admin. So by saying none of this is true, its ironic. Also, "women have to cover their faces. So what? " I'll tell you. Women covering their faces, and are not allowed. That's sexism. Also, popularity does not make ones ideas right. Remember, this is a stone aged idea. Not a modern one. - ARandomPerson

I don't know what's worse...your hate or your ignorance. You know absolutely nothing about religion. Literally absolutely nothing. You are intentionally making these lists to offend people for popularity, and I know of nobody who agrees with you. I respect your opinion but you are just extremely offensive. - GrimmShady

There is a widely circulated myth that "You have to respect people's faith / beliefs / religion." I believe that you have to respect people, but not their belief systems. Would you respect the beliefs of the KKK? If you think that somehow "That's different" than I would point out that a million times as many people have been killed and tortured due to Christian and Muslim eddits. - ARandomPerson

Only problem. People who were atheist and killers Stalin, Mao, killed for power, not atheism. It's like if I said you ate food because gorillas are tall. Correlation doesn't equal causation. However, the crusades were based off of religion. And you'll find that many people were killed due to religion - ARandomPerson

This is stupid and offensive! Not all Muslims are like that! Look forward to those fanatical ones only! - pcn

Ok, I don't hate all Muslims(there are more good Muslims than bad), but the Quran IS a bad book. Chapter 9 says to kill infidels(those who aren't Muslims). - Therandom

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2 Men are deemed more superior than women.

I thought this was one of the points of feminists?

Isn't it the same everywhere? - pouria_mt

I'm not women, but I think its very offensive, not u select your gender, when u born!
that's gives some imbalance.

This is not just in islam...

i am muslim, I can feel this item

3 They call it the peace religion, when in reality, it's one of the most violent
4 The Quran says that women are smarter than men

You mean the exact opposite?

5 They say women should cover their faces in public.

If its just to avoid sunlight exposure, I can relate. But, they take it too far.

6 They would kill someone for disrespecting their religion, and claim it was an honor kill.

Terrorist would just use religion as an excuse to murder innocent people, but you can still be religious without being violent. I never fully understood why Muslim terrorists would do this kind of thing. They have no respect. - Mcgillacuddy

I have muslim friends but they haven't even tried to kill me so this clam is fake.-darkBoi-X

7 The belief system is stupid
8 The Quran says that the worst people are those who don't believe.
9 No one can freely speak in Muslim communities.

I am a Christian living among Muslims, so I can tell you for a fact that this is not true. - GrimmShady

10 Everyone is indoctrinated to believe the stuff people tell them.

Same thing with Atheism...what's your point? - GrimmShady

Indoctrination is defined as "the process of inculcating a person with ideas, attitudes, cognitive strategies or professional methodologies." There is nothing about religion in that definition. - GrimmShady

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11 They take the rules from the Quran way too far

1. They take their head coverings (whatever they call it)
2. They take their 'halal' things too far
3. They take the way they pray to far, really. Its too loud.
i'm not speaking for all of them. Just those who are one-sided
Cause most of them are very nice, relatable, respectfull, and, well, NICE.

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1. The Quran tells Muslims to kill anyone who tries to leave the religion.
2. Men are deemed more superior than women.
3. They call it the peace religion, when in reality, it's one of the most violent


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