Top 10 Reasons Why It's Easier to Think That There's a Heaven But Not a God

This would sound hard to believe but it's honestly much easier to think. The belief in a heaven but not a God sounds like one of the most plausible theories.

Feel free to believe what you want, this is just my opinion and I'm sharing it to see how it'll work for you.

The Top Ten

So that We Wouldn't Have to Blame All Our Problems on God If There Were Only a Heaven
It Makes the Most Sense to Think Here is a Godless Heaven

A man who never reveals himself, we see too much horror on earth and the bible seems too man made.

We Would Have No Misotheism If There Were Only a Heaven
Heaven Sounds Like a Much Safer Idea Than God
No One Would Fear Going to Hell. Instead We Would Know that We Would Just Go to Heaven
Because There is Only a Heaven, We Would Know that Because There's No God, There's No Supernatural Consequence for Things that Don't Even Matter
Heaven is Much More Believable Than God
We Wouldn't Have to Live in Fear of Thinking that God is Evil Because We Would Know There's a Heaven Without a God
Because There's Only a Heaven, We Wouldn't Have People Who Kill in the Name of God
If We Believe that There's a Godless Heaven, Certain People Wouldn't Use God's Plan to Justify Bad Things
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