Top 10 Reasons Why It's Easier to Think That Things Just Happen

What I mean by this is that it's much, much easier to think that bad things that happen to good people just happen and that there's no supernatural force that's responsible for any of that (you don't die for being homosexual nor do you suffer for having the wrong beliefs). And unfortunately we can't control any of it. We just have to accept it and try to make something positive out of it. I honestly think that's better for everyone.

The Top Ten

1 God and other supernatural forces are not the reason for your suffering
2 So we don't discriminate against those with different beliefs
3 So we don't become misotheists
4 It's better to think that things that happen are just coincidences

This list ain't bad
I still refuse to believe things just happen, as I'd rather not let luck control my life - SpectralOwl

5 Suffering happens to people no matter what they believe in
6 If god is unable to prevent evil, then he's not omnipotent
7 It would be much better to live with common sense

I say the previous comment

Aaaand, this entry shows up. This shows how the true struggle of making lists is not having 10 ideas for entries on a list - SpectralOwl

8 We shouldn't use religion to justify bad thoughts and actions
9 So we don't go around and tell innocent people that they're being punished
10 Not everyone is gonna believe in the supernatural

If you don't believe this, that's fine. I believe in ghosts (I'm an atheist so its complicated to some) believe what you want, not what others tell you too - RustyNail

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