Top 10 Reasons Why "It's Everyday Bro" is the Worst Song of 2017


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1 The lyrics are stupid and make little to no sense

Seriously, some of these lyrics are just bad! For example, "It's everyday bro with that Disney channel flow..." How does that make any sense! - Phillip873

It's referencing how he was a star on Disney channel. It's not that hard to figure out. - Jackamalio

It is just not right it sould be hello people with that Disney...

Merch selling like a God church: That makes no sense at all

2 The line "England is my city" is said

But England IS my city... - SoldierOfFortune

To the people who say "But England is a city in Arkansas! ", it's not where Crompton is actually from. Jake Paul actually wrote that line and Nick was too dumb to point out that England -IN THE UK- isn't a city.

A quick google search proves that wrong, mr nick crompton - Phillip873

3 They are bragging about their fame

In the song they are trying to say they can compete with pewdiepie saying that "He's next" They also say they got fame that everyone wishes they had in the song. They just have huge egos and it's annoying - Phillip873

I translated the Martinez Brothers verse, and they said, that they are only in Team 10 for money. - TeamRocket747

4 The instrumentals suck

God, it may not be bad for everyone else, but the "musical" part of the song sounds horrible - Phillip873

Yeah the generic trap beats are garbage

5 This song spawned a bunch of 10-12 year old fangirls
6 The beat sucks

Same reason as the music - Phillip873

7 They try hard to sound like they're good at rapping

They sound like a gang of friends you wanted to make a joke... Exept They are not joking.

8 Jake Paul is a jerk in real life

He interrupts his neighbors activities by being a complete nuisance! His little kid fangirls also annoy everyone - Phillip873

9 It has 2 million+ dislikes on YouTube

It's a cool song

I agree with this

10 They compare themselves to the biggest YouTubers

Bad... And Stupid.

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11 It was made by Jake Paul

Sean Paul is still best Paul

Jake Paul's awful.

12 The choreography is bad
13 The lighting of the video sucks
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