Top Ten Reasons Why It's Hard Being the Only Metalhead Out of Your Friends

From all of my friends I have at school, I'm the only metalhead. These are the reasons of why it's hard being the only metalhead out of your friends. I'm sorry if it's inacurrate

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1 Your friends mock you for liking metal and rock

If you like metal, you'd better get used to it - you will have to deal with it many times in the future. This is from my own experience. Currently this doesn't even offend me, I just ignore it. - Metal_Treasure

No, they are totally afraid to say this to me because they are aware that they'll just look stupid in front of me.

I ask my classmates do you know Led Zeppelin or Deep Purple they say no.It's a sad thing that bands like these are almost forgotten.I am one of the fewest boys of my class (no actually in whole school) who knows bands like Zeppelin or Deep Purple - zxm

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2 You can't talk about your favorite bands with your friends

I can't talk about Metallica with them because they have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA who Metallica is! - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

How the hell can someone not even know who Metallica is? I get not liking them, but you'd have to be living under a pretty thick rock not to have heard of them. Especially with how overplayed the Black album is. - Zach808

Now you can talk to me and other metalheads on the Top Tens, you can make metal lists, get feedback, learn about less known metal bands and so on. Enjoy what you like! - Metal_Treasure

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3 Your friends call you weird

Now I regret adding this item, since now I consider "weird" as one of the best compliments (I love being called "weird" :P) - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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4 Your friends think you're always angry

You know what actually makes me angry? "Friends" who judge who you are as a person based on your choice of music. - Zach808

I will keep being angry if you keep mocking me for liking music that isn't pop! - NikBrusk

It's just a weird way of getting happy lol

5 Your friends call you old fashioned

They'll say come on ain't Justin beiber's the most popular. - zxm

6 Your friends won't give you a chance to listen to metal

I appreciate metal, although I prefer undyed hair and bright clothing (no makeup or heavy eyeliner) so I'm not really following any stereotype, just like the music. However, most of my friends listen to country or pop, making it hard for us to agree on a song. Thankfully, my best friend also listens to a large variety, so I can just put on a random song on my phone and she's completely cool with it! Also, extremely good idea for a list! - Flowersocks2137

My friends like to blast off their awful pop music in full volume with speakers, so I still can't hear my metal music even though I'm wearing headsets and when I told them to lower the volume, they get mad! - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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7 Your friends call you a satanist

My cousin and their family still think metal is evil. People will never learn. - Zach808

Well even if I'm not a satanist, I feel like it's better than the morons calling you one.

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8 Your friends call you insane
9 Your friends call you depressed, emo, psychotic etc

Oh, I see - all stereotypes. In fact, I am the least depressed person among my friends. And I am sure that to a huge extent metal music keeps depression away from me (Canadian winter is harsh and long). I never was emo or psychotic. - Metal_Treasure

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10 Your friends give you funny looks whenever they see you listening to metal

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11 Your friends think you're aggressive
12 Your friends think metal bands are using you as a slave

Slavery is wrong. Why would metal bands like Slipknot and Korn do such a thing? - Croy987

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1. Your friends call you old fashioned
2. Your friends call you weird
3. You can't talk about your favorite bands with your friends
1. Your friends give you funny looks whenever they see you listening to metal
2. Your friends call you old fashioned
3. Your friends call you depressed, emo, psychotic etc


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