Reasons Why It's Okay to Be a Brony


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1 The brony haters can't stop us

Why did I read the title as Why its Okay to Be Horny? - AlphaQ

They can try, but they won't succeed. - Wereweegee

You're Not Alone
I'm A Brony Too

2 The show teaches good lessons

I love My Little Pony!

Friendship, anyone? - Wereweegee

It teaches you that shows like this will make you get a therapist and then the tharapist will need a therapist.

Don't watch, it's cancerous and is a Winx Club and anime ripoff.

3 It's not like we're worshiping the devil or something

We're just people watching a show. Nothing more, nothing less. - Wereweegee

For some reason Anti-Bronies see it as such - TwilightKitsune

I don't do this - Neonco31

4 Brony-haters choose to waste their time bullying us

Stereotype is Irony-Haters are all bullies.

Don't you guys have better things to do with your time? - Wereweegee


5 Both sides are guilty of bad stuff

Brony-Haters hate us in general for bad excuses, and some of us draw those porn pictures. - Wereweegee

6 Brony-haters don't give good reasons why they hate us

"Oh, you guys aren't little girls and watch it? EWW! " Please. Calm yourselves. - Wereweegee

7 The war between bronies and non-bronies is really annoying

Like, honestly! It's embarrassing to see it everywhere when somebody brings up the show. - Wereweegee

8 Brony-haters label us as bad before meeting us

We all can't be bad, right? - Wereweegee

9 Brony-haters don't even worry about our feelings

They just hate! - Wereweegee

10 An interest doesn't mean we're bad

Just because we like MLP doesn't make us gross! - Wereweegee

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1. The brony haters can't stop us
2. The show teaches good lessons
3. It's not like we're worshiping the devil or something


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