Top Ten Reasons Why It Sucks to Be 12

Sure, I have difficulties with being 12, but I hardly think being 13 would be any better.
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1 "Sorry, you must be at least 13 to use [website]"

Good thing I'm turning 14 this year. Oh and by the way, you could always use a fake age on these sort of sites.

That's one annoying message.

You can have YouTube tho

Just use a fake age :/

2 No going to see a PG-13 movie by yourself

I think if someone's still 12, but completely understands that scenes in movies and lyrics in songs shouldn't be taken too seriously, s/he should be allowed to watch/listen to whatever s/he wants

You can just not in theaters.

You can at home!

3 "Please enter your parent's email address"

Use your own email. Parents delete these messages without reading them.

Another annoying message...

Annoying as well

4 Older kids bully you

Dear older sisters: We get it. You are now a teenager and get Facebook. Good. For. You. That is still nit an excuse to boss us around.

5 The librarian won't let (or at least disapproves of letting) you get a teen/young adult/adult book.

Annoying as well

6 People don't take you seriously

I am older than twelve and no one takes me seriously unless I threaten them. I am kinda smart, listen to me.

People hardly ever take you seriously when you're a kid, I'm sick of it.

7 People still call you a little kid

I am 11 years old, gonna be 12 this month (August). I hate being called a little kid so much. One time, my mom called me and my brother little kids. My brother is 13. It's so annoying.

Thank god I'm not 12 anymore.

8 You aren't viewed as mature, responsible, or trustworthy

My mental age is 15

9 Adults still talk about you in front of you.
10 You're going through puberty

Well I will bleed

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11 You still have to order from the kid's menu at restaurants

You don't have to. I am younger than 12 and I don't have to if I don't want to.

That's so damn annoying

12 You can't drive
13 Everyone mistakes your age.

Let me tell you something, everyone thought I was 12 when I was 14-15. I don't think it's even a bad thing to don't look like your age especially when you look younger. It's annoying when people see it as something negative

People still think I'm 16. I'm three years younger!

People think I'm 9 or 10. Gee, it's almost 12.

14 You are viewed as a child

That's because you still are one.

15 You have to go to school
16 You're in grade 6
17 You're not a teen
18 People see all of you as extremely immature, irresponsible and wild

This sadly doesn't change until you turn 16 or so.

19 Everyone uses 12 as an insult
20 You have to have adult supervision for everything

Not true. I do many things unsupervised.

21 You're still a kid

I hate being a kid

22 You can't date
23 You can't go out in the night
24 You can't have sex

Which makes sense, it's not good to have underaged sex. Just wait until you are an adult. Imagine a 12 year old kid having sex, just don't do it please

25 You get depressed

You can get depressed at any age. Also not everyone gets depressed specially because they are 12. I feel bad for depressed people but this item doesn't fit in this list

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