Top Ten Reasons Why It Sucks Being Grounded

The Top Ten Reasons Why It Sucks Being Grounded

1 You Can't Play Video Games

This sucks. I can play video games all I want.

So basically number 2

Must be #1

Luckily, my parents don’t care that I have D’s and C’s - sadical

2 You Can't Play with Your Friends

That's the point of being grounded

3 You Have to Go to Bed Early
4 You Can't Go on the Internet

Because I wasn't grounded - Nateawesomeness

Then how did you make this list?

5 You Have to Go to Your Room for a Long Time

And do nothing.

Nah. I'm like currently grounded now, and I'm surviving with videogames, food, this, etc.
Why? I digged a tunnel.

Or worse, being kicked out of your house or having to go to jail. Thankfully these never happened to me.

No you just can't go outside

6 You Can't Go Outside

That's what grounded means

7 You Can't Play on Your Phone

Your phone get taken at the beginning of summer vacation and you get grounded for 2 months

8 The Fact You're Being Punished

Punishments suck. Especially if you're punished by Mufasa.

For doing something bad

9 Your Parents are Against You

Every time I'm grounded my parents start blaming me for stuff mostly my stepmom

I'm very glad my parents are never against me.

What about your entire family? Whenever I'm in trouble, MY ENTIRE FAMILY is against me! :(

10 You are Unable to Do Whatever You Want Even If You Follow the Rules

The Contenders

11 You are Forced to Do Something You Don't Want to Do

And don't let this happen.

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