Top Ten Reasons Why Ivypool Is Better Than Dovewing (Warriors)

Yeah. The two sisters. One is my favorite and the other.. , not so much
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1 Everybody loved Dovewing and she was complaining the whole time

How would YOU feel if you where born with super powers and then all of a sudden lost it?!?! Hmmm? DO you expect it to be rainbows and cake? The powers are what made Dovewing a good hunter and fighter. When she lost the powers she felt useless.

1. She did care for Ivypool. Ivypool kinda treated her like dirt in Fading Echoes because of her jealousy. Dovewing didn't really treat her like trash, only as an apprentice a bit because Ivypool was the one who started it.
2. Dovewing wasn't with Tigerheart all the time. She also began to use her senses, and think - Have you ever thought how Dovewing woke Ivypool up when she was in the Dark Forest so Ivypool could suffer less?
3. The reason she whined was because she was used to her powers. Think of it - You were able to see a oak tree from a hundred of miles away while sitting in front of a television, but then something happens and you only see the television like if you zoomed a hundred times?
4. Rather Dovewing not act like a real mate to Bumblestripe, or Bumblestripe to get a new mate that does like him? I honestly don't care about forbidden relationships, since it was just part of the code to not have a mate from another Clan, pretty much explained in Code of the Clans.

I think Dovewing is a LOT BETTER than Ivypool. Ivypool was the one who complained a lot.

I HATE Dovewing. She is my least fave cat! But that's beside the point. At first I loved Dovepaw/wing and thought,"Wow she will have to go through so much and make tough descisions all because of her powers. That's a pretty hard job to do! " But then this happened...Dovewing became annoying. She was constantly complaining about her powers and was on again off again with Tigerheart. Gah! Dovewing just make a decision! Stop being so whiney! Sorry for that rant, but Dovewing did complain quite a lot at least enough for me to hate her the most...ok well rant ova! Bye bye!

YEAH I KNOW RIGHT!? DOVEWING'S SO SPOILED. she gets all the attention in the books. I almost drowned in a crowd of cats trying to get a look at dovewing while reading XD jk but still! dovewing is just ugh she sucks

2 Ivypool had to deal with a type of depression

This is literally their life in a nutshell, and you're telling me she has depression?

Dovewing: Hey Ivypool, I've been getting some vibes that you're mad at me, you know we can talk any time, you're my sister and I love you

Ivypool: Shut up Dovewing! Oh my gosh you think everyone loves you!

Whitewing: Hi Ivypool! Dovewing caught this for you, she told me to tell you she's sorry

Ivypool: um ew, how couldn't she have known I HATED RABBIT!

Dovewing: Ivypool! Wanna go hunt together? I want to spend more time with you, but I've been under a lot of stress with the prophecy and everything..

Ivypool: ugh, isn't it little miss perfect, now asking *me* to hunt with her? Hah, and you consider fulfilling an ancient prophecy hard? Well I willingly help out cats I know are evil, but help anyway because you're jealous.

She has no depression. Dovewing treated Ivypool with respect, Ivypool whined and told her to stop having powers.

Ivy pool had to work so hard to be noticed like risking her life in the dark forest while dovewing was just born with powers
It is not fair

Didn't know that, but it makes sense

IT DOES NOT- It absolutely does not. She probably just has anger issues and narcissism, those are what make sense.

3 Dovewing fell in love with a ShadowClan

A lot of cats have done this, but dovewing suffered the least. Don’t you DARE say “but her sister was mad and rude to her” Ivypool had EVERY FREAKING RIGHT to be mad. Also Dovewing never cared about Ivy, so I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t give a crap about Ivypool s feelings now

I mean why dove wing? You were literally given powers to help thunderclan and then you just up and leave? Ivy pool has never shown a sign of disloyalty to thunderclan

She doesn't HAVE powers anymore. Dovewing leaving the clan makes sense. At least we don't have to hear a 10-book long drama about her relationship.

Oh boy, forbidden love!
Why, Erin(s), why? You drove this trope into the ground.

I don't care about "ships", I care about plots, and this one is adds more garbage to the so-called "storyline".

Poor Bumblestripe, a truly nice cat in the same Clan, turned away because the glorified Dovewing wanted to get down with a different cat from a different clan.

What a disappointment.

Ok so this annoys me for three reasons...

1: It's another forbidden couple.
2: The warrior code says not to get with a cat from a different clan *Cough* Bluestar *Cough* Leafpool* *Cough* Dovewing*
3: She used her powers, which are meant to save the clans, to make sure her and Tigerfart are safe when they meet secretly at night.

I just really hate this ship and Dovewing as a whole.

4 Ivypool was determined to stop the dark forest

Imagine if you lived your whole life, set aside and shadowed buy another sibling. Not only that, but they were unaware that they did so. When you tried to tell them, they just accused you of being jealous and that they were always better than you. (Fading Echoes) By now, the person reading this should know that they're acting as Ivypool. Anyways, once Ivypool found a way to compete with her sister, she took it as her only hope. That hope was fighting, and through the dark forest. Once Ivypool figured out the dark forest were purely evil, she risked her life to spy and give information. When all came down to the battle, Ivypool was the main reason the dark forest didn't win the battle. She stayed loyal to Thunderclan and almost died while protecting her belief. Now, Dovewing, is...a different story. Dovewing whines all thetime, when she has everything a she-cat could want. She broke and mended Tigerheart's heart a numerous amount of times, showing that she doesn't really care. She ...more

Dovewing DID care about her, she tried to include her in everything, such as when she discovered she had powers "Can I tell Ivypool about this?"

I wish I could vote on every single reason on this list but this one is the most obvious. and whoever is calling ivypool a mary sue, kindly SHUT UP. she has so many falws and hardships

And by absolute worst I mean before she betrayed the dark forest

Yeah, while Dovewing was basically going Tigerheart or Bumblestripe? Tigerheart or Bumblestripe? He loves me, he loves me not. DUH. In my opinion, Ivypool deserved to be in the Three WAY MORE THAN DOVEWING. She was so brave and loyal to her Clan.

Ivypool was driven to the dark forest by jealousy, if she had been the third cat, there would be no more dark forest protagonist, do you really want that?

If Ivypool didn’t spy on cat HELL from her dreams, everyone would probably be dead.

What did dovewing do? She could see and hear.

5 Dovewing acts like an idiot sometimes

SO DOES LIKE EVERYCAT. Ivypool whines and complains about her sister not wanting her, and then pushes her sister away when Dovewing tries to include her in stuff and Dovewing DOES care about her sister. if she didn't love her sister then why would she beg Jayfeather to tell Ivypool the truth about the prophecy? Why would she tell her about Tigerstar? Because she's worried about her.

SOMETIMES? JUST SOMETIMES? last time I checked the allegiances the pale gray she cat with the dumb superpowers was listed as TOTAL IDIOT

Honestly, even though I love Dovewing I can't argue with this one

Sometimes? More like ALL the time!

(I wish I could upvote everything on this list)

6 Dovewing didn't care about her sister

Oh my gosh I hate these reasonings. use LOGIC people. she's proved her actions that she does love Ivy. It even said at one point that she wouldn't have left her sister for Tigerheart, because she loved her more. And if she didn't love her sister then why would she beg Jayfeather to tell Ivypool the truth about the prophecy? Why would she tell her about Tigerstar? Because she's worried about her. She's even said to Jayfeather that she's worried about her sister training in the Dark Forest, about what he might do to her, that she might get killed. She constantly told Ivy over and over again that she doesn't have to spy because she is worried about her. How is her love for her sister not shown? It's been shown multiple times.

Yes she did! She cared a whole lot! Dovewing and Ivypool were so close before Jayfeather and Lionblaze discovered that Dovewing was the third. Dovewing did care, and showed it on many different occasions. To say that Dovewing didn't care about Ivypool would be a flat-out LIE! GOD!

I like both, but honestly, Dovewing did care about her sister. I honestly feel that most people don't even read the books throughly.

no she didn't after the beaver attack she only cared about tigerheart and her so called powers

Yes she did. Ivypool is a brat who whines and complains a lot. Dovewing cared so much for her.

7 Even after the battle, Ivypool fought for her rights

I know, I haven't even gotten to those books yet but Ivy is my fave and I know her WHOLE story. (Warriors Wiki sucks, but it's the only thing I could find it on.) Even after the battle, Dovewing's still over here with her ENTIRE ARC just like, "My four inch eyelashes are crooked and my claw manicure is chipped! THE WORLD HAS COME TO AN END." She just kinda sorta a little bit makes me wanna morph into some myhtical beast and explode a little bit.

See Ivypool will always fight for what she thinks is right. dovewing on the other hand...


Yup. Did Dovewing?

8 Ivypool was tricked and then she tricked them

you mean her sister's mentor and her sisters mentor's tricked them, coming with the idea in the first place, I don't see you flocking to Lionblaze or Jayfeather

So true though, ivypool is a trickster!

She is so much smarter than dumbwing lol

She is Smart And Brave

9 Dovewing was super mean to Bumblestripe

DUDE. STOP. Dovewing NEVER loved Bumblestripe! She was pressured to be mates with Bumblestripe. A love triangle doesn’t automatically make someone a Mary-Sue. Just because Dovewing had two toms who liked her doesn’t make her a terrible cat. Dovewing was never even actually in a relationship with Bumblestripe. Squirrelflight had FOUR after her (Brambleclaw, Ashfur, Stormfur, and Shrewpaw) and do I see people complaining?

Dove Wing obviously didn't like him and he didn't back off. Dovewing should not be forced to love someone and if Bumble Stripe is SUPER creepy

Okay let's see here:
-Tried to sleep next to Dovewing
-Used an elder's death to propose
-Dumped his sister so he can bone with Dovewing

Bumblestripe deserves way more. Dumb Tigerpoop (Tigerheart) just because you're all 'oh I'm so precious and I'm the only one you think about ALL the time' that doesn't mean you're actually a good cat, you're the exact opposite! Poor Bumblestripe, tried so hard and all the flippin time Dovepoo (Dovewing) was thinking about a completely different cat! I agree with Ivypool, (the most amazing cat of all time which is my first favourite cat and then Hollyleaf and then Bumblestripe) BUMBLESTRIPE IS NICE AND TIGERHEART IS JUST STUPID, SO GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE CLOUDS!

I disagree. Tigerheart is awesome and Bumblestripe is a creep, so shush.

To the person before, If she was unhappy why did she become mates with him in the first place?

Because she felt like she was forced to, it felt like an arranged marriage to her, it was what her clan wanted for her when she wanted Tigerheart.

10 Dove freaked out when she lost her powers

Dovewing was born with powers. She grew up with them. She learned everything when she had her powers. She used them ALL THE TIME. They were a part of her life.
OF COURSE she would freak out when she lost them! Imagine wearing glasses your whole life and then losing them. How blind would you feel? And I know that wearing glasses doesn't nearly compare to the abilities that Dovewing's powers gave her.
Dovewing was so accustomed to her powers, so of course she would feel upset and confused when she lost them! I don't understand how this is a problem with Dovewing's character. Her reaction only feels realistic to me. I would freak out too!

OMG. If YOU were born with powers to save the world, and all of a sudden lost it, you would be complaining and confused too! Dovewing learned to use her powers and got used to it. When she lost them she felt useless! Why are you making horrible reasons?

It took up a whole book of dove wing the one who betrayed her clan.

Yea. she freaked out so much that the erins had to make an entire book about it

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11 Dovewing is a Mary-Sue

Stop hating Dovewing! She's one of my favorite cats. And Tigerheart x Dovewing is my favorite ship. haters of Dovewing, go sit in the corner and cry.

I can list you several flaws: - She complains - whines - slow development - lets others control her - fights and insulted her sister - crossed territories - has a forbidden love relationship - blames herself when something happens

And the Oscar for the biggest Mary Sue in the universe goes to...Dovewing.
Dovewing: *scoffs* u put a full stop instead of an exclamation mark.
Me: :/

Saying 2 toms falling for her makes her a Mary sue?

Saying that she sits around all day and does nothing but complain, complain, complain makes her a Mary Sue.

12 Ivypool would die to her clan

Ivypoop is litterly the BIGGEST MARY SUE EVER! at least Dovewing has flaws!
1. Loving to toms at once
2. Dealing with her power
3. Coping with Ivypool
AND MORE! ''Top Ten Reason Why DOVEWING Is Better Then Ivypool! "
Ivypool's flaws. She doesn't whine. She expressed her feelings bitterly. She doesn't fall in love. She doesn't have any flaws. SHE'S. NOT. RELATABLE. EITHER! At one point she's TAUNTING HER SISTER! WHAT KINDA OF MATURE OLDER SISTER WOULD DO THAT? Ivypool is the most annoying, biggest Mary Sue, and is my 10th least fave.

Def. she was a spy for thunderclan in cat hell when she was only an apprentice while her sister was complaining. and then dovewing just leaves for shadowclan. talk about loyalty.

She would totally die to her clan

Dovewing would also.

13 Dovewing was rude to Bumblestripe, lied to her sister, complained that she was blind and deaf when she lost her powers, and made poor decisions that not only affected her, but the cats around her as well.

So, for one Dovewing snapped at Bumblestripe ONCE, and you're saying that it makes her rude? let's see Miss Mary sue- I mean Ivypool over here, Ivypool snapped at her sister when she tried to include her in things, she tried to convince her sister that the dark forest cats were good, AND she started training with her grandfather's enemies, poor decisions that affected the cats around her? Thunderclan didn't need her anymore and, Shadowclan needed more warriors so she brought back the guardian cats

Basically sums up her whole life

Wow, that was a mouthful. But true

what dovewing did in a nutshell

14 Ivypool is humble

She is humble! She spied in the DarkForest every night, willing risking her life for her Clan without so much as a complain! Unlike her sister. Dovewing had her whole Clan’s attention, and all she had to do was listen, and she was complaining her head off. Ivypool deserved so much more credit than Dovewing. Without her, the Clans would probably be destroyed anyways since there’s only one Lionblaze and he could only fight at one place at a time.

are you sure? she even states that she just joined the dark forest to make her sister jealous, when she reveals her secret to her sister, she feels barely any remorse and tries to convince her sister that the dark forest cats are good

Ivypool was a great cat. her sis thought that she was SO much BETTER but no. Ivy pool did so many things for her clan but so did Dovewing (but she did way less than Ivypool) she is SO STUCK UP ON HER SELF and on the other hand Ivypool thinks that shes as important as any other cat. when I read ''Sunrise'' I HATED Hollyleaf she killed silverstripe (I can't remember the cat she killed but I think that was his name) just so hewont tell her secret but than at the gathering she blurted it out and she RUIED me, leafpool ' and squerlleflight 's life. RIGHT NOW I HATE DOVEWING WAY MORE THAN HOLLYLEAF

Yes. She spied on the Dark Forest for her clan, and never bragged or went on about it. She deserves credit, much more than Dovewing.

Literally everything she said to Dovewing as an apprentice: the day I lost my identity

15 Dovewing whined about pointless relationships.

Dovewing:Bumblestripe I'm breaking up with you cause I Have a kind mate that is related to me in Shadowclan Bumblestipe:What, that's pointless Dovewing:SHUT UP I'm joining Shadowclan because I don't get treated right here. I totally agree with this one.

Her Sister spied in Cats From hell in her dreams.
Dovewing whined about a prophecy and pointless relationships

True. that's literally all she did besides complain about her powers

16 Ivypool is not useless

Actually, if Ivypool hadn't warned the Clans, all four would have been destroyed.

She actually is useless. Ivypoop didn't do anything durning the battle with the DF.

No! Ivypool is the best!


17 Ivypool did brave tasks

She deserves more than dovewing and her kits need better names! Because thriftkit, flipkit, and bristlekit are probably too weird.

18 Dovewing is just horrible

Well when I read Ivypool,it was hate at first sight.

19 Dovewing didn't pay attention to Ivypool once she got more attention

Oml I hate Dovewing! Imma do a skit. that explain EVERYTHING.
Clan cats: Yay for Dovewing! She's so awesome!
Dovewing: I noe rigt people?! I lied to all of you, was super mean to Ivypool and Bumblestripe, Broke the warrior code, complained a ton, was a mary-sue, and I even shut my loser sister who is better than me out! I'm so awesome.
Ivypool: 'sarcastic' Oh, your majesty, you forgot to put an exclamation mark at the end. Oh. and you forgot to be nice, too...
Bumblestripe: Oml your right, Ivypool. Dovewing SUCKS!
Dovewing: Peasants! Get out of my way! You guys are SO meann! WAHH
Ivypool to Bumblestripe: Is she, like, fine in the head?
Bumblestripe to Ivypool: Uhh, probably not...
Tigerheart sneaks in and jumps in the conversation.
Tigerheart: Sorry 'bout my girlfriend, guys... I'll admit I don't know how we met...
Ivypool: Geez.. tell me about it...

Not true. She was always trying to spend time with Ivypool but Ivypool just snapped at her. Dovewing is great and Ivypool is trash.

DOVE WING GO YEAH *says in sarcastic voice* literally I hates Dove wing

20 Dovewing played with Bumblestripe's feelings

Douwing is the worst cat for mate.
(sorry dovewing fans)

That’s not true! She didn’t mean to! She didn’t know how Bumblestripe felt about her!

21 Dopewing ruined everything

She ruined every thing!
1, When ivypool need help, dopewing was playing with tigerheart! she even care about her sister!
2, she was useing her power to spying tigerheart! not for her clanmates! I'd rather give it to someone who's trying to do it than complain about it.
3, she always complaining about her powers! I'm so be frightened of her words!
4, the power of three become to lion, jay, AND HOLLY! NOT STUPID DOPEWING who betraying her clan and warrior code!

Oh yes she did

22 Ivypool had to deal with discrimination

No, she had to deal with backlash from her clan for training in a group that is literally trying to destroy them. Her clan had every reason to hate dark forest cats. Reread the damn books

23 She ditched thunderclan
24 Dovewing shut Ivypool out

Nope. Ivy shut Dovewing out, Dovewing literally tries to include her sister in everything. These people need to reread the books

25 Ivypool is prettier

Not only is she prettier, but she had a reason to spend time in the Dark Forest, and it was because of a good cause! Dovewing completely ignored her and acted like a brat towards Ivypool. Ivypool is more highly skilled and more intelligent and knowledgeable, while Dovewing is annoying, lazy, and whiny. Lionblaze never gets hurt. Jayfeather can walk in dreams. And Dovewing... can... um... hear things...

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