Top Ten Reasons Why Ivypool Is Better Than Dovewing (Warriors)

Yeah. The two sisters. One is my favorite and the other.. , not so much

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1 Everybody loved Dovewing and she was complaining the whole time

I hate when spoiled cats complain about their life. Do you hear Crookedstar complaining? Nope! Briarlight? I don't know. Brightheart? Okay, maybe yes but she has a reason! Dovewing has EVERYTHING! SHE IS IN LUXURY! She constantly whines "He Hates me! " Boi, if he hates you he sure doesn't hate well!

Like, boohoo, you have special powers to help you save your clan. Ivypool had no powers yet she did more. - AnonymousChick

IKR, I hate Dovewing

I LOAF HIM I HATE HIM! Shut the hell up...please.

Dovewing literally didn't do ANYTHING. - Puppytart

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2 Ivypool had to deal with a type of depression
3 Dovewing fell in love with a ShadowClan

Dovewing fell in love with ShadowClan?

Dovewing+ Tigerheart= worst couple

Warrior. You forgot to add that word. Still. Ivypool > Dovewing. - RiverClanRocks

4 Ivypool was determined to stop the dark forest

My Defending Dovewing Rant: Defending Dovewing RANT

Ahh Dovewing. The cat everyone hates, but I love. She actually is relatable and is a good character. I really didn't like it when became a background cat like Firestar and Squirrelflight did. She's flawed and isn't a ''Hollyleaf replacement'' or ''bad sister''. People say a lot of untrue things about this cat and personalily she doesn't desevere all the hate. After everything she did for her Clan. Ivypool's the real sister that's bad.
''She's a whiny Mary-Sue! "
Not even close! She's one of the most flawed cats in the series.
-Whining is a flaw!
So she can't be a ''whiny Mary-Sue'' because whining is a flaw!
-She told Tigerheart about the catmint
She loved him so she though she could trust her. Yet again, this is one of her FLAWS. Then she thought Tigerheart was using her so she broke up with him. She didn't brake up with him cause she didn't love him.
-She crosses borders to be with ...more

5 Dovewing didn't care about her sister

I like both, but honestly, Dovewing did care about her sister. I honestly feel that most people don't even read the books throughly. - Oliveleaf

Woah! That's a bit much,don't you think? Didn't you notice how close she was with her?

Nahh I hate Dovewing but she was so overcared for Ivypool that its sucks.

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6 Dovewing acts like an idiot sometimes

Whoever put this one up-I LOVE YOU!

( second scentnce ) SHE IS, THANK YOU! ( I needed to correct this)

Well,so did ivypool when she joined the dark forest.

Depression makes you do crazy things. And then she beat past it and risked her life every night more than any other cat just to spy. - AnonymousChick


7 Even after the battle, Ivypool fought for her rights
8 Ivypool was tricked and then she tricked them V 1 Comment
9 Ivypool is humble

Yes. She spied on the Dark Forest for her clan, and never bragged or went on about it. She deserves credit, much more than Dovewing. - Minecraftcrazy530

She wasn't very humble at first but I still like her! - Puppytart

10 Dovewing is a Mary-Sue

Saying 2 toms falling for her makes her a Mary sue?

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11 Dove freaked out when she lost her powers

I think she wanted her powers to be gone. And now when her wish is granted, she complains? What the Dark Forest, Dovewing? - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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12 Dovewing was super mean to Bumblestripe

Bumblestripe deserves way more. Dumb Tigerpoop (Tigerheart) just because you're all 'oh I'm so precious and I'm the only one you think about ALL the time' that doesn't mean you're actually a good cat, you're the exact opposite! Poor Bumblestripe, tried so hard and all the flippin time Dovepoo (Dovewing) was thinking about a completely different cat! I agree with Ivypool, (the most amazing cat of all time which is my first favourite cat and then Hollyleaf and then Bumblestripe) BUMBLESTRIPE IS NICE AND TIGERHEART IS JUST STUPID, SO GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE CLOUDS!

She shoes a childish noob over the nicest tom in her clan.

She broke up with him "because I don't like you."

13 Ivypool is not useless

She actually is useless. Ivypoop didn't do anything durning the battle with the DF.

14 Ivypool would die to her clan

Ivypoop is litterly the BIGGEST MARY SUE EVER! at least Dovewing has flaws!
1. Loving to toms at once
2. Dealing with her power
3. Coping with Ivypool
AND MORE! ''Top Ten Reason Why DOVEWING Is Better Then Ivypool! "
Ivypool's flaws. She doesn't whine. She expressed her feelings bitterly. She doesn't fall in love. She doesn't have any flaws. SHE'S. NOT. RELATABLE. EITHER! At one point she's TAUNTING HER SISTER! WHAT KINDA OF MATURE OLDER SISTER WOULD DO THAT? Ivypool is the most annoying, biggest Mary Sue, and is my 10th least fave.

15 Ivypool did brave tasks
16 Ivypool had to deal with discrimination
17 Dovewing played with Bumblestripe's feelings
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