Top 10 Reasons Why jacksepticeye is Better Than Markiplier

jacksepticeye is the BOSS and there is no doubt about that.

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1 He is nicer

Jacksepticeye always treats his audience nice and provides a nice fun experience and almost always does what recommend. He's one of the only you tubers who respects his subscribers and has amazing content. Not just some crap stuff that everyone can do. He puts effort into his videos and obviously enjoys playing his games which is what people want to see! Please vote Sean for N#1. - Captainderp

Honestly, I do prefer Jack. But comparing them like this is stupid, they're both very nice, intelligent and funny people

This is stupid. I love both Mark and Jack but please don’t compare them like this. These things are not true. They are only people’s personal opinions. We will never actually be able to tell who’s the better person. And making this does not help. This is absolutely ridiculous.

2 He has proper comedy
3 He has more emotion

Lets face it markiplier is a rob ot. l isten to a reaction of him only just realizing he blew up a city. - Captainderp

4 His song is better

ALL THE WAY! - Captainderp

All the way to victory town!

5 He slapped him in the face
6 His hairstyle is better
7 He is more intelligent
8 He plays a wider range of games
9 He has way more interesting catchphrases

Making my way downtown
people are walking
---Jacksepticeye Grand Theft Auto 2014

10 He play the drums

The Contenders

11 He has a better accent

Irish accent is way better than American. - Catlover2004

12 He's cuter

So cute

13 He Is Handsome
14 He doesn't have bipolar disorder
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