Top Ten Reasons Why James Bond Is Better Than Mortal Kombat

Do you know what's better than Mortal Kombat! James Bond! Here's Why!

The Top Ten

1 Better Story

What is this list talking about? Are you referring to a James Bond game? A movie? The franchise as a whole? Saying "one singular person is better than this franchise" makes no sense. These things have nothing in common. - Jackamalio

These having nothing do with each other... - Therandom

2 Better Acting

The James Bond actors did a great job on it and the MK actors did a terrible job on it! - Danteem

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3 Better Characters

James Bond is a better character than Scorpion! - Danteem

Scorpion is better than James. - Therandom

4 The Fighting is Incredible

The fighting in the Daniel Craig movies and Pierce Brosnan movies are incredible! - Danteem

5 Better Graphics

Mk graphics are realistic. - Therandom

6 Better Movies

More and better movies than the two crappy MK movies! My dad there the worst movies ever! - Danteem

7 Better Games

Mortal kombat annilation and mortal kombat 9 were great games

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8 Less Weird Looking

The Mortal Kombat movies are weird! - Danteem

9 It Makes More Sense

Mk makes a ton of sense. - Therandom

10 Cooler Things

Why did you compared a video game to a movie? - Delgia2k

More cooler weapons and mobiles in James Bond! - Danteem

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