Top 10 Reasons Why James Rolfe is Better than Doug Walker

Disclaimer: I have nothing against Doug, his videos can be hillarious but his newer content feels stale. I'm not comparing Nostalgia Critic against AVGN. Just James and Doug as content creators. Please take with a grain of salt. And try to not overreact to it. If you disagree that's fine.

The Top Ten

1 James doesn't try too hard to be funny

Doug kinda tries too hard, but he is still great. But if you think James is better, that is your opinion, and I'm fine with that. - 445956

Doug does which is why his newer content is hard to watch.

2 James has more variety

Doug has some variety but James has more variety

3 James is more talented

Way more talented than Doug.

4 James is more creative than Doug

Doug's newer videos honestly don't feel creative.

5 James's skits are better made

And that's because of James's passion and experience with film.

As well as this, the reason that AVGN can get away with so many skits is due to a difference in episode structure. I've always seen AVGN as a comedy show that also loosely reviews stuff. With Nostalgia Critic, the episodes are reviews that try being funny, but quite often take away from the more formal structure of the reviews. - kempokid

6 James is a lot more passionate in his work

Not saying that Doug isn't but the newer content isn't as passionate as his old content.

7 James doesn't bombard his audience with sponsors 24/7

James ocassionally did but never went as overboard as Doug did.

8 James always improves Doug always declines

Especially with how bland the newer NC episodes are.

9 James's videos are shot better and look more interesting

James is such a talented film maker that his shots are always getting better whereas Doug's are going downhill.

10 James's videos are not rushed

Doug's newer videos feel too rushed and often aren't as good as they can be. James on the otherhand takes a lot more time and effort to make sure his content isn't dissapointing.

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