Top 10 Reasons Why Jango Fett is Better Than Boba Fett

Boba Fett is the most overrated Star Wars character and Jango-the most underrated.But the father is better than the son.Here's why:

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1 Jango is far more skilled

One of the few things I actually agree with.

He defeated many oponents,while Boba just missed every single shot and let his gun be cutted by Luke. - TopTener

Jango Fett was Warrior; Boba Fett was an assassin. Jango is more prone to engage his foes up close and in the open. Why do you think he uses pistols? Jango held his own against seven different Jedi Knights and/or Masters with no weapon beyond his bare hands and he managed to kill all of them unassisted. During the hunt for Komari Vosa, Jango went planet-to-planet destroying entire criminal organization after criminal organization before killing Vosa in a one-on-one duel. Then he killed a Jedi Council Member all on his own within seconds. Maybe Boba Fett has killed Jedi? I don’t know! We’ve never seen him kill any and the only evidence that we have to support that he ever has is that he looted their lightsabers. If Boba has killed any Jedi, I doubt he killed them with his melee skills; more likely he used his carbine, darts, or some kind of explosive that he has, it’s just in Boba’s personality. I mean, the dude in green has about as many gadgets as Batman himself for crying ...more

2 Jango killed two jedi and almost defeated Obi-Wan

This I agree with not so much of the rest of list.

3 Jango is better looking Jango is better looking

Looks does not truly make anyone better fictionial or not.

4 Boba appeared first, but Jango created him

Ok... your point with this?

5 Jango has his own video game


6 Boba's "death" was worse than Jango's

That doesn't seem valid.

7 Jango has cooler weapons

Yet Boba has a few good weapons himself and really "Cooler"?

8 We never see Boba capturing Han Solo

He captured him in Episode 5: Return of The Empire but whatever.

9 Jango is the original owner of Slave 1

How does this make him better then Boba?

10 Jango had a longer story

And that's good how?

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11 Jango was selected to train and be the template for an entire army
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