Top 10 Reasons Why Jango Fett is Better Than Boba Fett

Boba Fett is the most overrated Star Wars character and Jango-the most underrated.But the father is better than the son.Here's why:

The Top Ten

1 Boba appeared first, but Jango created him

Ok... your point with this?

2 Jango is far more skilled

One of the few things I actually agree with.

He defeated many oponents,while Boba just missed every single shot and let his gun be cutted by Luke. - TopTener

3 Jango is better looking Jango is better looking

Looks does not truly make anyone better fictionial or not.

4 Jango has cooler weapons

Yet Boba has a few good weapons himself and really "Cooler"?

5 Jango killed two jedi and almost defeated Obi-Wan

This I agree with not so much of the rest of list.

6 Jango has his own video game


7 Jango is the original owner of Slave 1

How does this make him better then Boba?

8 We never see Boba capturing Han Solo

He captured him in Episode 5: Return of The Empire but whatever.

9 Boba's "death" was worse than Jango's

That doesn't seem valid.

10 Jango had a longer story

And that's good how?

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