Reasons Why Japanese Anime Is Worse Than American Cartoons

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1 Fanboys/Fangirls

Anime fans, "Why does America still make cartoons? You should try watching (insert word you can't pronounce or spell), it's way better than whatever baby shows you watch! "

Me, "I assume that the reason you think that all American cartoons are babyish is because the last time that you watched a cartoon America made, you WERE a baby."

Anime fan, "Come on other anime fan, tell them."

Anime fan 2, "Why does America even make cartoons? You should...

Anime fan 538, "...Watch (Insert word you can't pronounce or spell), it's better than...

Anime fan 2304, "...Whatever baby shows...

Anime fan 9001, "I'm over 9,000! "

Me, Oh I was gone by Anime fan 6... To go watch YouTube... and original content.

Anime has the worst fandom on the internet and the fans are hypocrites. They get very emotional when someone generalises anime with comments such as "it is animated porn" or "it's nothing but endless fighting" but they do the exact same thing to western cartoons by saying "all western cartoons are for little kids" or "it's nothing but fart jokes."

It is also a big double standard that anime fans are allowed to hate on western cartoons without getting criticised for it but as soon as some people say they dislike anime, anime fans start calling them the scum of the earth.

Most of them are just trash...

"Graphics are worse in American Cartoons! "
Anime have huge eyes and samey bodies.

"The storylines are simple and boring! "
Steven Universe.

"Trying to make obesity a good thing"
This is false.

"American cartoons don't make characters tansform to get their full powers"
Winx Club'Club.

"American cartoons have less attractive characters"
OH MY GOD stop with your random excuses and shut up!

There are two lists here called why anime is better than American cartoons and why American cartoons are better than anime. The anime fans called us biased and same came over to the list to curse at us and said our reasons and opinion was wrong. The my little pony fan base is better and more mature than these guys.

2 Bad Storyline

All you anime fans are biased. Your just trashing on American cartoons constantly saying that anime is always better and that American cartoons never have or had a storyline or then always having horrible animation and then saying since you think anime animation is 10 times better that it must be true. Then why you say every American cartoon is only about farting, it's obvious you only watched breadwinners or family guy and assumed that that applied to every American cartoon. I've seen a lot of animes and there isn't anything special about them. It's just a group of people going on a journey to find something and then there are some bad guys who try to stop them. Gosh this fanbase is so annoying. All they do is complain if someone doesn't like their precious anime and then they need to bash on American cartoons even though they only watched the bad ones.

Can't you respect that my opinion and see that I hate anime, yet you still say oh you should watch it and maybe you'll love it. No I won't I hate it and its not awesome. I don't like the style of it (i get told I know nothing about animation then just for saying that) and I find the storyline confusing and just boring. Also you may not say American cartoons are the worst and anime is the best but many anime fans do that.

I've seen 10 anime, and I can say most of them weren't pretty good, but there are anime that are superior to American Cartoons, such as Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, yeah I now it sort of sucks at the start, but later on in the series, it gets intense with reveals and stuff, it's go on a journey, but it isn't stop by bad guys, except for the start. The animation isn't really good with anime I know, but the story is amazing, the American Cartoon beats them at animations but they can't beat them with the story, take IMDB for example they rated anime better than most American Cartoon. And it is sort of true, in general most American Cartoon beat anime, but there are anime which are better than all of the American Cartoon

I don't think so
You obviously haven't seen your lie in april, one piece, naruto, evangelion, Yona of the dawn, death note, fullmetal alchemist, etc. Anime have better stories, better characters, better art, anime is even better than comics and better than cartoons by a long shot. You anime haters are just biased, just admit anime is better. I even met my Japanese wife over anime. It brings people together, and it brought us together. Anime is beautiful, and a lot of you anime have never even seen an anime or read a manga. At least give anime a chance before you judge. Trust me, you'll love it!

Wow... you just did exactly what you complain anime people do. if they aren't watching the right American cartoons then you aren't watching the right anime. there are probably 100 animus for every 1 American cartoon. I guarantee there is one you will like but, I am not forcing you to find it. don't you get excited about shows? Don't you tell your friends about it? WE ALL DO THAT! Who cares if its anime or not.

Anime sucks and all of the have the same cliches that I can't stand. Also the animation for it makes me sick. Plus I said that not every American cartoon has fart jokes and that is true.

3 Too Much Fanservice

Okay, Ill get lost, because you are freaky annoying, anime haters! One more:
1. Anime is amazing
2. Story is amazing
3. Characters are amazing
4. Drawing is amazing
5. Humour is amazing
6. Voice actors are amazing
7. Every types of animes are amazing
8. Japanese culture is amazing
9. Japan language is amazing
10. Anime fans are amazing


There's no need of this much fanservice.

Then again, there is if the cartoon is bad and needs cheap ways to attract viewers.

Which is what most anime have been doing in the last years.


Hey, Brat. Anime is tasteless. Women are treated like garbage...And you admit your foolish activities are better than american animation. What did modern anime do? nothing. Older anime is better(I am talking 70's and 80's).

I love anime but this is SO true it's not even funny. I'm not even referring to ecchi but in general.

4 Horrible Animation

The animation for anime is limited. It's four frames per second. Hanna Barbera animation is 8 frames per second and Disney's animation is 12 frames per second making western cartoon animation better.

Your American cartoons have bad animation.
Like Clarence, Uncle Grandpa, Johnny Test, at least SOME American cartoons are good (Young Justice, and Gravity Falls)

I challenge the person who created this list to watch Spirited Away. The animation of that movie beats the animation of any cartoon.

I'd say only one thing, and that anime's animation is 10 times better than that of cartoons.

5 Big Eyes

Are Japanese people just a bunch of hypocrites by not only inventing weird stuff we don't use in the USA (somewhere Japanese people aren't supposed to be) but also by how they look. I mean, like, big body parts (steroids, maybe? ). What I'm trying to tell you weird people out there, is like the people out there animating that crap (let's just say when they were just 10 years old) looked at themselves at the mirror andand they thought to themselves and probably said "damn it, my arms are so thin, so weak. But I can't exercise because I'm too lazy." And so they thought something so stupid like "I know, ima make an image of myself but with muscles and stuff a REAL GUY HAS" and probably added some people that never existed and probably that will be YOU.

Your move, anime kids

Yeah, right? Levi Ackerman's eyes are so big they barely fit on his face *heavy sarcasim* Not all characters have big eyes, and when they do, it's always to express emotion better. I also find it pretty stupid that almost every American cartoon draws the characters with big eyes as well.

They are cute. Some cartoons, there are big noses and stupid faces and characters. Amd that isn't a problem? Can't you do something different from hating? And yes we protect it because we love anime and its our life, and we get our dreams from it

Not all anime character's have big eyes such as Meredy from Fairy Tail and most anime boys don't have as big ones. Accurate your statement. Hey, you did say to state my opinion.

6 Hentai

This is like saying all T.V. shows are bad because porn exists. It is not connected, they simply share an art style.

This is the only reason I'm not into into it. This one cause I'm at risk of running into this. Other than that I'd watch anime

I disagree with every item of this list except this one. Hentai definitely spreads a very bad name for anime.

It's like if fan fictions were real, which is really disturbing. It kinda gives anime a bad reputation.

7 Repetitive

Not all anime is repetitive such as Black Rock Shooter. In that anime, there are two world. One of reality, another of feeling from reality. There is no repetitiveness there since there is no real bad guy. Repetitive anime probably counts as Fairy Tail or Bleach since it just continued from one bad guy to another. What I'm saying is that not all anime are repetitive.._.

Animes stick to a general story not American cartoons. the thing you described is real life adult sitcoms. In anime its about that one boy or girl or school or a journey to find something while some guy tries to stop them

Not every anime is about going on a journey and having good vs evil themes. Many animes I've watched aren't about that. Dumb western animation fats

Well some anime are repetitive but that's only like 5% of them.

8 Beyblade

Everything except this is just bogus. Beyblade is cool, but none of the other options really connect.

9 Female Representation

I used to like anime,and now I don't really like it that much anymore probably because of portraying girls as weak. Take one moment to think about it: the boys in anime are handsome, strong, and save people, and the girls? Just sit there, be pretty, and have boys rescue them. Nowadays, anime kinda improved a little, but I decided to switch my focus to video games instead (bringing an unmentioned topic into this list) and watching more cartoon shows like Miraculous Ladybug, The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants, and stuff like, and also (for the 2nd time! ) focus my attention on video gaming (or I just like Super Smash Bros more than anime sorry if I dropped a bold opinion on your head )

There are American cartoons who have unrealistic looking bodies as well. Such as the Disney princesses, and especially Jessica Rabbit. Heck there is even a real life American woman who had plastic surgery to look like Barbie, and a guy who did the same thing to look like Ken.

A lot of animes(Especially One Peice) represent girls with perefect bodies,big boobs and butts. a lot of guys these days prefere anime girls to being with real girls which makes them feel that they have a perfect body to be liked.that's how me and a lot of my girl friends feel.

10 They Turn Good Shows Into Terrible Shows

This didn't only happen with cartoons such as SpongeBob. Teen Titans Go and Powerpuff Girls Z are both awful versions of their originals.

The same thing happened with SpongeBob.

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11 Cliches

I actually find more cliches in cartoons than anime. All the antagonists in action cartoons seem to have the same goals and the same personalities. They also tend to be two-demensional and lack depth.

American entertainment (which is my side) currently does that because they're making fun of those tropes.

Right, like America doesn't have clich├ęs you hypocrite.

12 People Love Spongebob

So you have to hate anime in order to like Spongebob? Hating anime is fine, but this item is pointless.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood beats Gravity Fall, but it's better than most of the anime I see

And what does this have to do with why Anime is worse than Cartoons? Nothing!

Gravity Falls. Anime fans should try to debate on that. Get 'em, Get 'em.

13 The Art Style is Always the Same

The art style is not always the same. These points aren't even trying anymore, honestly. The only reason that they would look the same is that most of you guys haven't even watched 2 shows to judge this. I know that cartoons don't usually have the same art style, but, if you only take on look at two cartoons, for example, Steven universe and Star vs. the Forces of evil. At first glance, you can see that they both have big eyes and bright colors. Their face shapes are relatively similar, so they almost look the same. Of course, this is not true. They have completely different styles.

The same case with anime. Some reasons why anime could have the same art style maybe because they're from the same studio. For example, Studio Ghibli. Their movies have the same art style because they are created by the same people. It's a signature style. Now, take a look at Ms. Kobayashi's Dragon maid and Blend S. They may look the same at first, but they, after inspection, have way different ...more

Attack on Titan, Elfen Lied, The Seven Deadly Sins, Ouran High School Host Club, Noragami, Akame ga Kill, Tokyo Ghoul, Another, No Game No Life, and Toradora all have completely different animation styles from each other. Also, I highly recommend the anime I just listed for all you anime haters

I don't mind the art style, but it's always the same.
There is Fullmetal Alchemist and a few other shows as an exception, but really, all western cartoonists start with their own unique art style. Adventure Time with it's simple look, Steven Universe for it's unique bodies, etc.
That doesn't mean anime artists don't implement something from their own (One Piece faces, for example). It's just, boring.

Not really American cartoons are not the unique of an art style either.

14 They Take American TV Shows and Make Them Horrible

They only did that with Powerpuff girls and created PowerPuff Girls Z. America likes to do this with anime as well.

But I liked the idea of making ppg into an anime, the show was even better than the original.

Do you know the movie 'The Grudge' ripped off a Japanese movie 'Ju-on" and utterly ruined it?

See the live action remakes of anime they're terrible.

15 Too Much Blood and Gore

I agree not all, I repeat not all anime is bloody and gory. I like the example the previous said, Ouran High School Host Club.

Not all anime have blood and gore like ouran high school host club

What about Happy Tree Friends?

That's good.

16 Lack of Humor

Say that to Teen Titans Go.

17 Too Much Sexual Innuendo
18 It generates weeaboos

Now I don't have a giant thing against anime, I enjoy it occasionally. But many anime creates a false image of what Japan is really like. That false image turns fans into weeaboos, who are obnoxious and horribly misinformed and think that "Nippon is a kawaii sugoi gift frum god uguu! " And believe that every Japanese school girl must be obsessed with yaoi, and that they communicate by using high pitched squeaks.

They are not popular, but there is also this thing called a westaboo.

19 Originality

Every single cartoon has an outstanding trait, originality. We can easily distinguish one cartoon show from the others just by taking a simple look at them. While animes are hard to dishtinguish if compared. I like anime better than cartoon, but objectively, cartoon looks more original compared to anime

Because shows like Teen Titans Go, Uncle Grandpa, Family Guy and American Dad are so original... Cartoons aren't always original and easy to distinguish.

20 Always the same pointless male main character with brown or black hair

It is annoying ok?

Um hello?

Fullmetal Alchemist, Naruto, Soul Eater, My Hero Academia, Little Witch Academia (FYI the main character is a brown haired FEMALE.), Fruits Basket, and other Anime main characters aren't Brown/Black Males.

21 Dead Parents Cliche

Almost every japanese anime has this.

22 It comes from Japan

Why does it have to be from Japan? That's why I hate anime and manga! If anything comes from Japan, it's terrible and should not exist! Japan should never exist because it made anime, the start of world war three.

So? There was this Anime-Styled cartoon from France called Wak Fu.

Racism detected

23 Anime Sucks

Wow, this is just plain petty.

24 Lack of Diversity

You sure? Because most American cartoons are a bunch of jokes.

Um, they're from Japan. There's not a lot of diversity there.

Because humor is good.

25 They make people hate censorship

That's called 4KidsEntertainment. In one piece they added/removed stuff unecessarily. May I say that they had entire Arc removals and changed Sanji's cigarette into a lollipop?

Not all censorships are fan service/Hentai related, smarty.

So what if it doesn't have mature content? (There are english dubs that do have mature content) It's not the end of the world.

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