Top Ten Reasons Why Jeffy from SML Sucks

Please listen, I like SML, I just hate jeffy. #savesml
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1 He is taking over SML

Yeah and Logan only listens to his butthurt 8 year old fanboys/girls and never listens to his true fans, he always shoves jeffy in our faces because he only wants his butthurt 8 year old fanboys/girls and wants his real fans to leave

Why is that a bad thing?

STOP HATING ON JEFFY - Sammysmljeffyfan

2 Jeffy could get SML taken down if he isn't fixed.

This is a really good reason as to why Jeffy may actually suck. The use of this character is starting to get a little worse. Because of him, he caused SML to suffer a little drastic drop in quality or originality. In Jeffy Plays Minecraft, it was pretty clean. However, at the end, Logan revealed that due to people's problems with Jeffy, websites like YouTube, Common Sense Media, and even Good Morning America had took strike on SML. Jeffy did a lot of things YouTube didn't want in the channel, including swearing, destroying things, being offensive and too violent. Then, the 3 channels starting to start the channel's revenge. YouTube started to age-restrict and demonetize the channel, which caused SML's Patreon. Common Sense Media had given the film an extremely low rating and acquitted it as it for adults only, and even though Good Morning America didn't say it, they portrayed SuperMarioLogan as one of the most deadliest YouTube channels of all time. Jeffy also partially portrayed ...more

That's a bad thing?

3 He isn't funny

Shut up, he is funny

4 He is offensive to disabled people

OH YEAH. (might offend someone) he is so offensive. not every autistic person is like this. hell, not every disabled person is like this. there are other forms of disorders besides jeffy. in fact jeffy should be his own disorder.

Just like how Jackie Chu is offensive to Asian and Chinese people?

This is why I want Jeffy dead.

You guys are so rude to people.

5 Jokes that are funny get overused to being stale

I don’t think they were ever funny to begin with.

6 He was ruining Mario's life until Jeffy's parents
7 He always goes UH UH

Yeah but that does not suck

8 He is a potty mouth
9 He might be a money cow
10 He broke his promise to be a good boy
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11 He is rude to the others
12 His jokes are constantly recycled
13 He also likes to stick his penis in his Cherrios box
14 He thinks 8-4 equals 8

Stupidest item on this list.

That makes no sense at all.

He also thinks that 2+2=Baby2

15 He throws tantrums to get what he wants

He really does, and it makes me MAD.

16 He Tortures Mario

Why is Mario torture such a sin? Explain.

when he is mean to mario mario also be mean to him but rosalina stopped mario and that's why it's jeffy torturing mario

This is one of the things that actually annoys me a little bit. I am not a Jeffy fan and I don’t really mind him don’t really think he is that funny but something I hate about him is he tortures Mario clearly on purpose. He wants to be a bad boy and he is aware of it, before he looked like a kid that got Mario in trouble unintentionally and it was just bunch of accidents such as “Jeffy Goes To The Zoo” and “The Fishing Trip” where Jeffys situations got Mario in trouble (and killed). But in one of the most recent videos “Jeffy The Hurricane” Jeffy wants to be a hurricane when he hears about a storm called hurricane sally, he destroys the house for half the video while Mario, Chef Pee Pee and Rosalina tries to stop him, when they find him and they tell him to stop he doesn’t listen to them and says “bapbobapbapbop” to Mario, Rosalina suggests that Mario tells Jeffy to continue destroying the house and cause that makes Mario happy, Mario declines it but then gives ...more

17 Curses too constantly to be funny

cursing is not funny

18 His backstory is bait to make viewers feel sorry for him
19 He is ugly
20 He only appeals to kids
21 He doesn't care about his personal weight
22 He tells everyone that they smoke marijuana
23 He sometimes believes he is invisible, when he isn't

He slapped 6 butts, stole a sandwich, saw a girl poop, stole Mr. Goodman's money, and other idiotic things with his "invisible" glasses.

24 He punched Jackie Chu in the face
25 He smacks his crotch
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