Top 10 Reasons Why Jerry Mouse from Tom and Jerry Can Beat Goku

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1 Jerry can use his cheeky abilities to fight Goku

Jerry is more popular than Goku you know, and if you said that to him in real life, you would be dead in a short period of time.

No, Jerry can totally beat him!

A cartoon mouse with no powers could beat a super saiyan? Yeah keep telling that to "yourself" - nintendofan126

How can Jerry beat Goku? Goku could easily beat Jerry with KAMEHAMEHA

But what if Goku uses the KAMEHAMEHA attack?

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2 Jerry once fell from a high height and was just fine, Goku was injured from a similar fall

Have you seen DRAGON BALL! During the tournaments Goku fell from AT LEAST 300 feet in the air. Then he got up without scratch on him. - ImJustSaiyan

3 Jerry can grab the animation pencil and erase Goku
4 Jerry can get all his friends to help him

Ok however goku can call zeno... and beerus can use hakai if jerry jets help so does goku

5 Jerry can breathe in space
6 Jerry can get Tom to come out and fight Goku too
7 Using a time-travelling device, Jerry can go back in time and destroy Goku as a baby
8 Jerry can get help from other cartoon characters that are mice to fight Goku
9 Jerry can throw large chunks of cheese at Goku
10 Jerry can tell Goku he's smarter and more popular

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11 Jerry can beat Goku with a mallet
12 Jerry can use the ring from Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring and use it's magic on Goku
13 Jerry can use the ring to drain Goku's muscles
14 Jerry can get Rarity (MLP) as his girlfriend so she can help him fight Goku
15 Jerry can get his dark side to attack Goku
16 Jerry can use the magic ring to give himself strong muscles like Goku's
17 Goku would hug Jerry for being cute and then Jerry can injure him
18 Jerry can bite Goku's foot
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