Top Ten Reasons Why Jessie and Bunk'd Both Need to Be Taken Off the Air

I think that Jessie is the worst show ever to air on Disney Channel and the fact that it gets a spin off that's bad (but not as bad as the predessing show) is just awful. They both need to be taken off the air. And Jessie fans can bash on this all they want, but I'm not trying to offend them I am just stating my opinion.
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1 They both have too many stereotypes

I know this MIGHT be true, but Jessie is a great show, for real. Bunk'd is messed up

While both Jessie and Bunk'd aren't bad shows, I feel bad for Cameron Boyce.

Lol isn't that every Disney show?

Jesus is actually a good show

2 The Ross kids are total brats

Emma is an idiot,

Ravi is an unpopular narcissist,

Zuri is greedy and selfish,

Did I leave anything else?

3 The laughtrack on both of them

The reason they have a laughtrack is because no one else would laugh at the lame jokes.

4 Jessie rips off the Nanny even though Pamela Eells O'Connel made both of them
5 The plot stinks for both shows
6 The humor is rude
7 Jorge (from Bunk'd) is too immature to be a good role model

I agree! I hope they will make an episode where the characters all die! Not in real life, but on the show!

8 Emma (from both) is a very selfish and vain character who is very full of herself and she is a terrible role model for kids
9 The fact that they show Jessie too much
10 The fact that the only good characters from both shows are Tiffany, Mrs. Kipling, and Gladys

The only reason I voted for this is because my name is Tiffani. If a Disney channel show has you this triggered, turn your T.V. off and read a book.

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11 The reason why Luke isn't at Camp Kikiwaka is stupid
12 Luke (from Jessie) being too gross and Bieber-like

Note I'm only talking about the character not the actor. And also in that BUNK'D episode with the character in it that I was forced to watch when nothing else was on his character was slightly better, but still terrible. - Anonymousxcxc

He’s like a Disney version of Boku no Pico. It should be “Boku no Jessie”

13 Terrible messages for kids

Teaching kids to be so defined by their looks,relationships, and materialism is gross.

14 Teaches kids too be gross
15 Teaches kids to be bullies
16 It teaches kids to run around in their underwear
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