Top Ten Reasons Why Jesus Christ is the Son of God

This list is used to give reasons Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Feel free to disagree with me and maybe start a debate in the comments. Just don't say anything vulgar, because everybody has their opinion on religion.

The Top Ten

1 He fulfilled prophecy in the Old Testament

Some about in Heaven if Jesus and God are the same how can they both be there.

He did. I agree with this list. - Camaro6

Jesus fulfilled a whole lot of Prophecies. It can't be a coincidence. - 2storm

You really need to grow up you acting immature prancing around your style of religion it's ridiculous OK what do you expect it's the internet yet I sense very severe consequences by that type of strong belief you're not going to survive out here longer so yes just get mature fanatic- Kevinsidis

It's not like I go on every list and state my religious opinion. I have only made three list about religion and I don't go out and state my view. My content, except for maybe 10 occasions, is other stuff. And plus I've been on this site for almost 4 years and I haven't gotten destroyed yet. - 2storm

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2 God said he is


God specifically says in Matthew 3 he is. - 2storm

3 He was sinless

I have afraid for fault of my, and my stupid sins! but Jesus Christ, really inspires me to be good!

Jesus lived a perfect life. - 2storm

4 His miracles

If only disbelivers could live in his time. - 2storm

5 Others bear witness

Eyewitness accounts to be exact. - 2storm

6 Death, burial, and resurrection

Actually, I think he died, but then his corpse was abducted by extraterrestrials because he was actually part alien. Then he was resurrected using technology inside the ship. Call me crazy, call me ignorant, it’s what I believe in and you have no right to judge me.

He was killed, buried, then resurrected then ascended again. - 2storm

7 He died for the Sins of Humanity

Died for our sins who else would do that - 2storm

8 His virgin birth

Christ Had no biological father. He Was Conceived By the Holy Spirit. - clusium

9 Jesus said he was
10 He is one of only 3 people to never die

Enoch, Elijah, and of course Jesus. - 2storm

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11 He rose

And he will rise again - 2storm

12 He is literally present in the bread and wine of the Eucharist
13 He sits at the right hand of God the father
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