Top Ten Reasons Why Jill Stein Shouldn't Win the 2016 Presidential Election

The Top Ten Reasons Why Jill Stein Shouldn't Win the 2016 Presidential Election

1 Anti-vaccine

America has the illusion of democracy. Do you really think your votes count? If our votes counted, would Bush have been elected twice? Hell, I have yet to meet a Hillary supporter yet she's a finalist. The election is completely rigged. Even if it isn't, most people just blindly vote for whichever party they identify as without actually watching the debates - ryanrimmel

2 Way too left

Even though Hilary is worse, Jill is the worst third party candidate I've seen. She's just such an idiot. She criticizes Gary Johnson for not naming a world leader, but she failed to do so too. No wonder Harambe and Deez Nutts are beating her in Texas... - Therandom

3 Overreacting over the environment

This is a good thing. - owlro188

Don't make it like the White House will be the "Green House". - 1337

This is exactly what we need, after ignoring the envirment and driving it to hell. but jill stein is the opposite of what the green party and the envirmental movement. we need to build a grass roots movement from the bottom up, and jill stein isn't helping that. - RecklessGreed

4 Gary Johnson is better than her
5 Has bad ideologies in general
6 No political experience
7 Tried running for different positions many times
8 Says stuff for attention
9 She lacks the simple knowledge
10 She's an idiot

This list sounds like it was made by an eight year old. - Alpha101

The Contenders

11 Annoying supporters
12 She will end the world

Apparently by being the only candidate trying to save the world from climate change, she magically makes the world end. - owlro188

13 She's only helping trump win

That is the fault of America's two party system. - owlro188

Well she demanded a recount after Trump did win. - errrr

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