Top 10 Reasons Why Jimmy Page is the Best Member of Led Zeppelin


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1 He formed the band

The best rock band in the world.But all credit goes the man who formed it - zxm

2 He is the most talented member of the band

He's pretty much equal with John Bonham, who in my opinion is the best drummer out there. - SoldierOfFortune

Bonzo's good, but Jimmy had more experience and talents. Keith Richards said, "You want to cut the story short. Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page". - zxm

Jimmy page is coolest guitarist ever - zxm

3 He wrote most of the songs
4 He produced all the albums
5 He chose all the members very carefully
6 He was a perfect leader
7 He turned the band into a metal band
8 He broke the band but didn't change the drummer

Oh, that's interesting. - SoldierOfFortune

There is no Led Zep without John Bonham - SoldierOfFortune

Bonzo was only introduced after Page called Plant. Bonzo was friend of Plant. Initially, Page didn't want to call Plant. He offered two singers before Plant. But Sharon Osbourne's father threatened jimmy. That's why he had to call Plant. He had other drummer and singer in mind. - zxm

He broke it but never changed the drummer.Why?
Because he knew Led Zeppelin would never be the true Led Zeppelin that it was before - zxm

9 He has famous guitar solos
10 He had great membership

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11 He was well known even before Led Zeppelin
12 Robert Plant and John Paul Jones both admit he WAS Led Zeppelin.
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