Top 10 Reasons Why John Paul Jones Is the Best In Led Zeppelin

I'm not saying anything bad about Jimmy, I just like John Paul Jones the best.

The Top Ten

1 He's the Best Multi-instrumentalist

I love John!, He is the best and one of nicest guy around. I had trouble just picking one so I have to say all the above is true about him.

Gotta love, John

Personally, my so called "favorite" (most admired) is Robert, because he's such a sweetheart! (I'm not having a fan girl attack... ) But this list IS right! John Paul Jones is awesome as eekuwjqjhswkwhwjjwej! - MontyPython

The man made me become a bass player myself. I like Led Zeppelin, it's the best band EVER, but would be nothing without Jonesy. (R.I.P John Bonham)

2 Not Only Is He a Great Bassist, But an Incredible Mandolinist
3 He Is the Best Bassist That Ever Lived

There is no questions that he is probably the most underrated bassist in history. He is the rock of Led Zep. His orchestations are extremely complicated and advanced musically. He was always on and was a rock that allowed page to go off on tangents when he pulled a long jam. Without Jonesy there would be no Page or Plant.

4 He Is More Musically Gifted Than Jimmy
5 He Can Come Up With Great Solos On Piano
6 He Could Write Music
7 His Stuff Was Great, Although Constantly Overlooked
8 He Was a Smart Guy
9 He Was Just Awesome.

He's a babe AND cool duh

10 He Made Most Led Zeppelin Songs Greater

Take No Quarter, for example.

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