Reasons Why Johnny Test Is the Best Show Ever Made

This is the absolute best T.V. show ever made, and if you don't like this list, you're missing out on a quality program

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1 It's Creative

This Show Sucks. So What If It's Creative! Creativity Doesn't Automatically Make The Whole Show Good. This List Is So Stupid, But Somehow I Think You're Even Stupider.

Whether If This Show Is Creative Or Not! The Whole Show Would Still Suck No Matter What! Because Creativity Isn't Always Gonna Be The Answer To Everything!

Creativity Doesn't Mean Good. You Do Know That Right?

It really is.

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2 It Got Better As It Went On

NO! You're Wrong It Got Worse As It Went On!

What Kind Of List Is This?!

It did at first because I thought the pilot was awful but at the first episode it was epic

Really John was being an ass every time. The only good character is Dukey

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3 Pop Culture References That Are Actually Good

Ignore the troll, people. Don't feed the troll. - Goatworlds

Really? Like What?


He actually is right this gets too much h8

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4 Funny Jokes

This Show Doesn't Even Have Any Jokes! Those Are Just Catchphrases! You Retard!

This Show Is NOT Funny At All! Apparently Dumb People Like You Don't Know What's Good And Not Good.

Funny?! What Do You Mean Funny?! I Have Been Watching This Show For About A Couple Of Years Now And You Wanna Know How Many Times I Laughed? Zero Times! ZERO TIMES I SAY!


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5 It Was On Cartoon Network for a Long Time

How Does That Make It The Best Show Ever Made?!

Barney was on PBS for like 20 years. It was a terrible show. - KalloFox34

Sesame Street ran for over 45 years. And was it good. Nope

Jhonnys run on T.V. was 2004/2015

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6 It Doesn't Rely On Stereotypes

Finally because that is annoying as hell

Only reason that I like about this trash show. - MrCoolC

Example: Johnny's dad does the cooking and cleaning while his mom works... While SEXISTS think it should be the other way around. - KoolGuy2218


7 Johnny Test Has an Amazing Life

The Only Reason Why Johnny Test Always Gets Everything He Wants All The Time Because He Is A Spoiled Brat. And I'm Guessing That You're A Spoiled Brat Too.

And I Bet You're Not Having An Amazing Life Right Now. Which I Find Rather Disappointing.

His life is only good because he is a lazy kid who doesn't do anything by himself. He expects others to do his work. He always gets whatever he wants but does he deserves it? NOT REALLY!

Exactly! - Goatworlds

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8 Johnny is an Idiot

Everyone please vote for this!

Vote for this! - mmarce445

I'm finee with this - shawnmccaul22


9 Awesome Theme Song

Yes The Theme Song Is Really Awesome. Oh And By The Way I'm Talking About The Old Theme Song Not The Crappy New One.

It is a rip-off version of American Idiot by Green Day

so why is a rip-off song awesome?

Who cares if it was a ripoff or not still the cartoon is good - TheMagzo

Great Cartoon.

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10 Memorable Characters

Yes there very memorable! I'll never forget how Johnny is a selfish idiot and the talking dog sucks and how every character in the show is stupid and cliche. I definitely remember that.

Johnny Test is only the heard of one and it's certainly not for good reasons either. - KingFab

Yes. Very memorable.

The characters are amazing. They aren't bad at all, and I love this show. I also hate Total Drama. - Turkeyasylum

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11 Whipping Sound Effect

Put this higher on the list! PLEASE!

I love the sound effect. They should use it more often.

There is 190 of them in every episode

IKR, the constant whipping sound effects are like ASMR tingles down my spine.

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12 Everyone Likes It

Only some people likes this show. Most of them hate it (I'm one of them). - Finn-Mordecai-Gumball

So just because I have different tastes means that's automatically bad?! - KoolGuy2218

Just Because You Like This Show Doesn't Mean Everyone Likes It. This List Is Just Filled With Lies.

That is definitely not true - Fabricitem

No its most people like it and 1% if people hate it! - TheMagzo

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13 Johnny screaming NOOOOOO every ten seconds.

it's great

14 Fart Jokes Are Funny

Unlike this show. Also, fart jokes aren't funny. (most of the time) - 906389

Guys, that comment was sarcasm! - Goatworlds

15 Cool Design

The design is terrible! - Goatworlds

At least it's better than the thousands of terrible shows and its actually is cool

Yeah, I liemt he artwork. - HeavyDonkeyKong

The design is amazing. Best art style ever. 10/10.

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16 Fabulous Grammar

At least it's better than problem solvers

It is indeed fabulous.

Far better than you

17 Awesome Plot
18 It's Flash Animated
19 Good Episodes
20 It's Original
21 Johnny Test Cares About His Family
22 Cool Villains

Most of the villains are good...I love this show for that, I mean yes Johnny is a bratty kid and the whip crack sound effect can be annoying but the story lines are great and the Villians are amazing

Yeah the villains are funny and kind of a not villiains like nice ones so yeah this show is good - TheMagzo

23 Johnny Test is Really Hot

Johnny Test has the most masculine and sexy-looking body I've ever seen~

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