Top 10 Reasons Why Johnny Test Sucks

The Top Ten Reasons Why Johnny Test Sucks

1 It took Ed Edd n Eddy's place

This show is as far away from Ed edd n eddy as possible Ed Edd n eddy was the last of Cartoon Networks original shows

Ed Edd n Eddy was my childhood. I love it when I green up. I remembered watching the finale movie in 2009, and it was a great end to a great show. But Johnny Test ruined what it had. Unoriginal story, unfunny jokes, disgusting humour and it shouldn't be considered as a cartoon.

This is why the great show titled Ed, Edd n Eddy got cancelled. I wish they could make a reboot of Ed, Edd n Eddy to replace Johnny Test for getting them cancelled!

Regardless of whether it stole Ed, Edd n Eddy's place or Dexter's Lab's place, it still is a disgrace that Johnny Test took the place of either of those amazing shows.

2 Terrible episodes

I used to like this show, but then I realized it's just a crappy ripoff of Dexter's Laboratory combined with a ripoff of Jimmy Neutron, which were both funny, and overall, awesome shows. I would rather listen to 8 bit Rick Astley than ever watch another episode of Johnny Test. KoolGuy, no, that's an opinion, far from being a fact. Watch Dexter's Lab and Jimmy Neutron, then you'll know what I'm talking about.

I especially hate how all the episodes have "Johnny" somewhere in the title. Almost every single episode is a rip off of something that is appealing to us. The plot is always the same.
1. Johnny doesn't want to do something on his own
2. Stupid sisters have a convenient invention bland tell him all about it, but tell Johnny not to touch it
3. Johnny steals invention.
4. Pointless ending

Number one is that it is a rip off of dexter's lab

Dexter's Lab was AWESOME, and actually funny. Nobody wants to see a kid with a stupid dog rip off ideas from The Fairly OddParents. - Discord

My friend likes this show, Jimmy Neutron and Dexter is better than Johnny's crap

3 It Rips Off Dexter's Laboratory

The whole concept of Johnny Test is a giant ripoff of several things. First thing, if you listen to Green Day (or have heard one of their most popular songs on the radio), you'll notice that the theme song is actually a cover of American Idiot. Okay, no big deal. Songs get covered all the time. Second, especially if you've seen even just a single episode of Dexter's Lab, you'll notice that the whole (very major) plot element of some of the family's children having a secret lab where they conduct all kinds of questionable experiments is an obvious ripoff of Dexter's Lab. If that ripoff isn't bad enough, it's also a ripoff of Jimmy Neutron in many ways, such as a large part of these experiments being prototypical machines.

It also rips off Jimmy Neutron too! Sorry for the low quality here

Dexter's laboratory looks much more brilliant than this
I've only seen one episode of it and it looks so much better
And, I watched cartoons after dexter's lab ended - Harri666

Even the intro theme is a ripoff of Green Day's American Idiot. If I were Green Day, I would totally sue the creator for that junk

4 Idiot characters

I hate each and every character in this show.

#1. Johnny Test - Has an annoying voice that drives everyone crazy. He is a terrible role model for kids. Children will think they can do whatever Johnny does and get away with it. He is rude to everyone and he thinks he's so cool. He's the exact opposite of cool.

#2 The Dog - A talking dog!?!? I am so tired of talking dogs. Dogs don't talk for a reason! I hate every single character's voice in the show, especially this Dog's. His voice is an offense to dogs everywhere. Plus, he walks around on his hind legs and tries to be a human. He is an offense to humans everywhere.

#3 Eugene - I HATE HIS GUTS. He thinks he's all cool and just because he's rich Susan will like him? Money isn't everything. But "Bling bling boy" is teaching kids the exact opposite. His voice SUCKS and he's so ugly. I wouldn't date him if he gave me every penny he owned.

#4 Susan & Mary - They think they're oh so smart twins. They're ...more

I agree with whoever posted the reasons for why each and every character sucks. Johnny Test is such a toolbox. Day after day he causes more trouble at his school, in his neighborhood, and at home, while pissing off every single person he sees the moment he sees them. The talking dog is such an overused cartoon cliche, plus he tries to be a human when he obviously can not be one. Dogs only bark for a reason, everyone. Eugene is also a massive tool, 'enough said. I'm pretty sure that Susan & Mary are actually "special", if you get what I'm saying. And lastly, the dad seems to only know how to make seemingly rotting meatloaves for dinner. Gosh this show sucks so ' much.

Johnny Test, the show's titular character, is the worst character ever! He is selfish, disrespectful, whiny, annoying, spoiled and stupid. He doesn't care for anyone but himself and always blame on the other characters they didn't commit (because he's the one commited). He's also a horrible role model to kids these days as of ditching school, not paying attention, and disrespecting your parents. Who's idea for making this unlikeable character and what kind of protagonist Johnny is?!

The only actually smart one is Johnny's mom. That is hilariously disgusting in the whole family.

5 Lame "Villains"

Darth vegan is just a ripoff of darth vader (I love toast though)


Bumper, really Cartoon Network? A kid named bumper? Really you need to try harder

Brain freezer is just some human who had some moan and became a bad guy, not scary at all

They are all the villains I can think of in the show because I stopped watching thanks for reading. bye people

All of the villains in this show are either ripoffs of characters from shows or movies that are actually good, generic, bland, stereotypical villains, or just boring old cartoon tropes, like talking cats. This just further supports the reason this show was cancelled.

Hey should we make a cool villain with a creative design but still is funny and a very enjoyable character or a small fat rich kid with mom issues I like the kid idea

I've never found the villains that imaginative or evil.

6 It's not funny

It is literally impossible to laugh at this show. There are no Johnny Test fans whereas there were millions of fans of the old Cartoon Network shows. Nobody likes Johnny Test for crying out loud, that's why this list was invented. Also, please CANCEL IT CN! I hate the characters so much it's just TERRIBLE. EVERYTHING! It's not funny AT ALL.

I watched Johnny Test with my family. Nobody laughed. THIS SHOW IS ONE OF THE WORST Cartoon Network SHOWS BESIDES UNCLE GRANDPA AND THE ANNOYING ORANGE! This show has awful voice acting, no humor, who likes this Dexter's Laboratory ripoff?

I watched this show a lot when I was younger and kinda dumb. Wanna know how many times I laughed while watching it? I can't remember a single time that I laughed at anything in this show. This show is the exact opposite of funny.

Back when I was younger and dumber, I watched 80 episodes. know how many times I laughed? ONCE. no, that's not a typo.

7 It gets worse every season

It seemed cool at first, but then it got stupider and more repetitive as it went on.

I was enjoying it at first than I quit watching it as the show got more lamer now I hate johnny test

The very first episodes seemed cool, of course this is because of the whole "oh cool, it's new" way of thinking that our minds default to when we see something we haven't seen before. However, this way of thinking fueled by hype wears off pretty quickly. Soon you'll realize how much it sucks, and it just gets suckier as the series drags on.

And the fact that they added racing episodes drives my insane!

8 Gil

As another person said before me, he's a ripoff of Jeremy from Phineas and Ferb. He also has many weird habits, including smelling cow crap, and is an awful, irresponsible babysitter. Why do some people like this show?

Johnny Test was created before Phineas and Ferb so they couldn't have ripped them off.

Screw him, he's just one of those cliche characters, where he just irresistible, God! I can't stand people like that! - Chaofreaks1

He's like a rip-off of Jeremy Johnson from Phineas and Ferb.

9 Too many sound effects

Johnny Test didn't have that many sound effects until seasons 5-6.

To who ever posted this. Your heart is in the right place but I have to disagree there isn't enough sound effects there's only one (that whipping noise)

Nah, there's not enough. It's just that dang whipping noise over and over and over again.

*moves arm once* *WHIP* that was just irritating

10 Cartoon Network keeps having marathons of Johnny Test

This Stupid Show Well Only Come Back In Christmas - CuteGirlJigglypuff

I demand more!

The Contenders

11 He has destroyed the city multiple times... and has never been arrested

Hell, Blossom (Powerpuff Girls) got arrested for stealing and Nicole (Gumball) has been arrested for robbing a store with a sausage (which she didn't even do) so how did this smug mug douche not get in jail. - KingFab

He needs to die a slow painful death

Guess what, he was arrested once because he was burying a robot, but when they found out it was a robot, the police released him saying he was "free to go! " god if I was that cop, I would keep that scumbag locked up. I feel like season 1 was the only good and tolerable season of this atrocious excuse of a cartoon show. - Gehenna

A person who destroys massive property multiple times don't go to prison, they get sentenced to death. Wish this happened - Ohno

12 Tinymon is a ripoff of Pokemon

They ran out of ideas at this point, and the episodes that they are featured in are pretty racist in my opinion.

How can you consider this a legitimate reason? It's not like any other shows have never "ripped-off" other liked series. I prefer to use the term inspiration.

It is but it's still awesome

13 Johnny is a ripoff of a boy version of Dee Dee

I 100% Agree! Johnny stole poor Dee Dee's spotlight! and its not just Dee Dee, its also Dexter and EVERYTHING ABOUT THE SHOW! Like those twin girls, those two brats are a RIPOFF OF DEXTER! And the show almost has everything that DEXTER'S LABORATORY HAS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

Shut up I hate Johnny Test You do Not Love Johnny Test

I hate Johnny test

It's all a ripoff of good cartoon. and that is making the good cartoon look stupid.

14 The theme song is a rip-off of American Idiot by Green Day

It's likely that the theme song was based off of it because Johnny Test is an idiot.

The show Johnny test needs a new theme song

Well, Johnny Test is a CANADIAN idiot. - KingFab

15 Bad main character

Hey what you said is offensive to kids with autism


He’s the protagonist, but he’s very unlikable. He’s stubborn, lazy, rude and annoying. Its to the point where you wouldn’t mind if something bad happened to him. - Bellarina4life

He’s a contagious and severely autistic kid with a stupid last name.

He’s basically ruined the name “Johnny” so I hope whoever created him dies of pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

16 Johnny is a terrible role model

All he cares about his himself, money and getting whatever he wants! He is also spoiled and very bratty. His only friend is a talking dog. He constantly gets bullied by the same person and his sisters use him as a lab rat. - AliCatz615

He cheats at school by using his sister's machines to do everything for him, he only cares about himself, is a spoiled brat, constantly whines to his parents and sisters to get what he wants, and exchanges being a lab rat for getting whatever it is he happens to be wanting at a particular time. Does that sound like something you want your kids to be like?

Does Johnny study for a test like a regular kid? No! Instead, he uses his sisters' inventions. In an episode, he went back in time to look at history instead of reading from a long history book which is way easier.

I hate Johnny! He's almost like Timmy Turner from "The Fairly Oddparents" (at least Timmy isn't spoiled as Johnny), he is selfish, stupid, impatient, annoying, whiny, and a terrible role model to kids these days.

17 Constantly rips off entertainment gems

It rips off cartoon classics like Dexter's Lab, rips off movies such as Star Wars, and even rips off popular music.

This is true to try to get some older
Viewers and it's funny scooby doo
Tom and jerry and how many of you
Writing these are over 20 people still
Like get on the internet and go watch
Your old shows

This has got to be Number 1 on the list because it's like that stupid Robot Chicken, which is far worse than Johnny Test.

Dexters laboratory for a example. - aarond09

18 Blast Ketchup is a rip off of Ash Ketchum

Dude, the episodes were parodies.

They both suck, however. Cilan and Clemont are much better. - RiverClanRocks

Who's that anoying kid who's with him

That would be like some other new video game characters I created

-Stupid Marcio
-Super the HairyHog
- Tale of Zekea
- Mister Sheep
- SpudBoy Squidpeas

19 Annoying "Whip" Noise

You know, ed edd n eddy has a wide variety of sound effects but this show just uses the same sound effect over and over and it gets really annoying, really fast.

Can you believe james arnold taylor is actually proud of the whipping noise?

The reason why there's so many whips in an episode of Johnny Test is because CN is whipping the poor slaves to animate this crap faster and they accidentally got recorded.

This one YouTube video said that there is 190 whip sounds in an episode. Why do they think that the noise is something people enjoy!?

20 Johnny screaming "NOOOOOO" every ten seconds.

He always does this in every episode

When you hear Johnny do this, it will likely make your eardrums shrivel up and die. And he does this multiple times in every single episode. He usually does this when he doesn't get what he wants.

My eardrums burst when I hear his voice - Spokane

This should be on the top ten

21 Johnny is annoying

Well, this one is pretty obvious, but I agree that it needs to be said. He is just that annoying. His voice is annoying, his behaviors are annoying, his whining is annoying, and his whole existence is annoying.

I prefer porn in johnny test when twin sisters with curvy and when johnny need to change better behave as johnny quest or steven universe way. And mom should be housewife and dad should be on work times and can able to talk like scobby-doo way, but not too dumb and scare. So it will be so nice comic or adult cartoon porn.

Annoying? Ha! He's worse than that.

He's annoying in a funny way

22 It's Unoriginal

It just uses too many references Pokemon titanic and Star Wars they can't even come up with there own original ideas

References are funny

It’s a rip-off of dexters laboratory and a shameless one at that

23 Constant sound effects everywhere

too muh

24 Horrible theme song

But it's the best CN intro of the 2000s

25 Dark Vegan is a rip off of both Darth Vader and Dark Helmet

I don't know who Dark Helmet is. - Croy987

Dark Helmet is from "Space Balls" movie

26 Tiny Monsters rips off Pokemon

I hated that episode for that reason. And "Blast Ketchup" was a real ass. - Discord

They can't come up with original names! And Blast Ketchup? Really?

"Blast Ketchup" is a very obvious ripoff of the main character from Pokemon, Ash Ketchum. All of the monsters are just renamed and slightly changed Pokemon.

Ugh, I wish I never saw Johnny Test

27 It's the same thing over and over again

Cause it's the same show

Not really but it's funny every time

28 Made by Canadians

This is made by the same country who gave us both Justin Bieber and Drake. Three terrible things that one of the greatest countries in the world gave us.

Okay, true, Canada did give us those two abominations listed below, but they do make some awesome snacks and sodas up there...

I feel poor that Canadians have to be insulted by this horrible show.

As a Canadian I find this VERY offensive

29 The episode, “Johnny Dukey Doo" rips off Scooby Doo

It literally does :D

It does because Cartoon Network owns both of them and it was funny go watch the real scooby doo if you don't like it I scooby dooby doo

30 Every Character is terrible

Not people are just afraid that they show more emotion then others Dexters lab mostly confution and anger edd ed and eddy luck
Mixed with anger you wont to talk about bad influence edd Ed and eddy
They took all of those into 1

31 Constantly repeated quotes

Examples: "Didn't see that coming" "Oh, so close" - CommentandList

Don't forget that other quotes, "I've seen this in something," and "I'm just going to pretend I didn't see that," - Chaofreaks1

It just makes me wanna rip the T.V. out of the wall!

They use the same stupid jokes all the time.

32 Mr. Black and Mr. White are both rip offs of Agent K and Agent J from Men in Black

Is it me or is it kind of racist

If I hear "this coffee taste like dirt I'm done with this crap

They're actually ok characters.

Just and k are way better

Their skin is different than their names

33 The school bully is called Bumper

Well I wish he got run over by a car get it

Really? A bully called Bumper?

Can't wait for super bumper 64!


34 Bad Animation

Hell yeah, it is. Whoever denied it is a liar.

The animation in this show is horrible!

Animation is good

But it has good animation

35 Bad theme music

The theme song almost exactly rips off American Idiot.

36 James Arnold Taylor is actually proud of the whipping noise

James Arnold Taylor is a great voice actor. From Obi-Wan to Ratchet to Harry Osborn, so many great roles! not one of them. Many people usually tend to hate on JAT mostly because of the Tidus laugh in Final Fantasy X.


But this, take that Tidus laugh and make it an entirely new voice. Johnny Test in a nutshell. - OnyxDash

37 The town in the show is called Porkbelly

If fictional places are real, I rather go to Gravity Falls instead of this lamest town that's just called Porkbelly.

Really a town called porkbelly

Was the founder fat and had a gut made out of pork?

That name should changed to 'Pregnant Belly'

38 A lot of sound effects

This is the third time it has popped up, it must be true

The whip sound drives me insane. They use it 180 times per 11 mintue episode.

39 Wacko is a rip-off of The Joker
40 Dr. Swamp Brain is a rip off of Dr. Neo Cortex from Crash Bandicoot

I’ve never seen Johnny test much in my life, but ripping something off from one of the earliest games I remember playing... Why?! Hopefully I can save my sister from watching this show.

41 Mary doesn't do anything

She is so lazy

This is the only one I agree with

42 It's boring

Actually, it's worse than that.

If only that was the only problem with this show. - KingFab

43 It's repetitive

That it is just like Phineas and Ferb, and Pokemon.

44 Bad color scheme

Why is the sky always yellow? - Popsicles

45 The Ice Pigs are rip-offs of the Ice Gators
46 Johnny's voice is annoying

Johnny's voice is so obnoxious! He always says "Johnny want this! ", "ME want new video games! ", "Didn't see that coming", "NOO! ", Do yourself a favor and ride "it's a small world" at Disneyland 30 hours instead hearing this OBNOXIOUS CHARACTER!

It's the same voice as Tidus from Final Fantasy 10

47 The episode "Sleepover at Johnny's" ripped off The Cat in the Hat

wait what

48 It's a Ripoff of Jonny Quest


49 Susan and Mary are both rip offs of Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory



50 Dawg & Bone is a rip off of the show itself

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