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21 Johnny screaming "NOOOOOO" every ten seconds.

When you hear Johnny do this, it will likely make your eardrums shrivel up and die. And he does this multiple times in every single episode. He usually does this when he doesn't get what he wants.

He always does this in every episode

My eardrums burst when I hear his voice - Spokane

I say NOOO to this show every time it comes to my T.V. - Ohno

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22 Johnny is annoying

Well, this one is pretty obvious, but I agree that it needs to be said. He is just that annoying. His voice is annoying, his behaviors are annoying, his whining is annoying, and his whole existence is annoying.

I prefer porn in johnny test when twin sisters with curvy and when johnny need to change better behave as johnny quest or steven universe way. And mom should be housewife and dad should be on work times and can able to talk like scobby-doo way, but not too dumb and scare. So it will be so nice comic or adult cartoon porn.

He's annoying in a funny way


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23 Tiny Monsters rips off Pokemon

I hated that episode for that reason. And "Blast Ketchup" was a real ass. - Discord

They can't come up with original names! And Blast Ketchup? Really?

"Blast Ketchup" is a very obvious ripoff of the main character from Pokemon, Ash Ketchum. All of the monsters are just renamed and slightly changed Pokemon.

Ugh, I wish I never saw Johnny Test

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24 Constantly repeated quotes

Examples: "Didn't see that coming" "Oh, so close" - CommentandList

Don't forget that other quotes, "I've seen this in something," and "I'm just going to pretend I didn't see that," - Chaofreaks1

It just makes me wanna rip the T.V. out of the wall!

Other example: “Oh, crud"

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25 Constant sound effects everywhere
26 Horrible theme song

But it's the best CN intro of the 2000s

27 It's Unoriginal

It just uses too many references Pokemon titanic and Star Wars they can't even come up with there own original ideas

28 Dark Vegan is a rip off of both Darth Vader and Dark Helmet

I don't know who Dark Helmet is. - Croy987

29 It's the same thing over and over again

Cause it's the same show

Not really but it's funny every time

30 Made by Canadians

This is made by the same country who gave us both Justin Bieber and Drake. Three terrible things that one of the greatest countries in the world gave us.

Okay, true, Canada did give us those two abominations listed below, but they do make some awesome snacks and sodas up there...

I feel poor that Canadians have to be insulted by this horrible show.

Just because Canada made this show does not mean Canada has bad shows. What about Total Drama and Ed, Edd'n, Eddy? - AnimeDrawer

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31 The episode, “Johnny Dukey Doo" rips off Scooby Doo

It does because Cartoon Network owns both of them and it was funny go watch the real scooby doo if you don't like it I scooby dooby doo

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32 The town in the show is called Porkbelly

If fictional places are real, I rather go to Gravity Falls instead of this lamest town that's just called Porkbelly.

Really a town called porkbelly

Was the founder fat and had a gut made out of pork?

Also the name of a captain underpants character

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33 A lot of sound effects

The whip sound drives me insane. They use it 180 times per 11 mintue episode.

34 Bad theme music

The theme song almost exactly rips off American Idiot.

35 Mr. Black and Mr. White are both rip offs of Agent K and Agent J from Men in Black

Is it me or is it kind of racist

Just and k are way better

Their skin is different than their names

36 The school bully is called Bumper

Well I wish he got run over by a car get it

Really? A bully called Bumper?

Can't wait for super bumper 64!

37 Wacko is a rip-off of The Joker
38 The episode "Sleepover at Johnny's" ripped off The Cat in the Hat

wait what

39 Bad Animation

Hell yeah, it is. Whoever denied it is a liar.

The animation in this show is horrible!

But it has good animation

The animation was fine on the first season(when it was hand drawn). then it was simply acceptable(on the early seasons that used flash) then it was trash(now) - DiegoLeiva

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40 It's a Ripoff of Jonny Quest


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