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41 It has terrible flash animation

The first season yes. But that didn't mater. It still had good jokes

42 Dukey is a talking dog

The titular characters from Disney's "Lady and the Tramp" (1955), which there my favorite characters, is better than this annoying assume mutt (compared to Jake from "Adventure Time").

Talking dogs are so 9 years ago.

Talking dogs aren't even original anymore.

43 The prank wars episode ripped off Wipeout
44 The Ice Pigs are rip-offs of the Ice Gators
45 Bad Dialogue

Well, I heard them say “barf",“vomit", and other disturbing things but Sanjay and Craig from Nickelodeon is worse.

46 The Ladybird Scouts are rip-offs of the Girl Scouts
47 Johnny's voice is annoying

Johnny's voice is so obnoxious! He always says "Johnny want this! ", "ME want new video games! ", "Didn't see that coming", "NOO! ", Do yourself a favor and ride "it's a small world" at Disneyland 30 hours instead hearing this OBNOXIOUS CHARACTER!

48 Everyone in the show is ugly


49 Susan Test V 1 Comment
50 Bad Animation

Hell yeah, it is. Whoever denied it is a liar.

The animation in this show is horrible!

But it has good animation


51 Reuses the same jokes over and over again V 1 Comment
52 Rated J for Johnny preaches the ESRB without knowing anything about it V 1 Comment
53 Johnny X's "Power Poots"

It's not a cool superpower to have. It's just stupid and childish.

Toilet Humor. Enough said.

54 Lazy character names

Blast Ketchup, for example.

I think they're trying to be funny with these bland and ripped of names but it doesn't work. - KingFab

Mr. Teacherman? Hank Anchorman? What kind of lazy writing is this?!

Mr. Black : Mr. White's best friend, but Mr. Black is WHITE!

Mr. White, Mr. Black's best friend, but Mr. White is BLACK!

Brain Freezer: ripoff of Mr. Freeze

Dark Vegan: ripoff of Darth Vader

Blast Ketchup: ripoff of... We all know who

Johnny Test: ripoff of Jonny Quest

Now that I, think about it, this show is just onw big parody of EVERYTHING(especially one of CN's best shows)

55 In Johnny's Royal Flush, the Sewer Gator got shredded up into "gator bags" V 1 Comment
56 Johnny is the male version of Dee Dee from Dexter's Laboratory
57 Smash badger is a rip off of crash bandicoot
58 The Pork-Ness Monster is a rip off of the Loch Ness Monster
59 Johnny is a moron

Tell me about it. Who does he think that he is, the boss of his family? If he thinks that he can get away with whatever he wants, he's sadly mistaken.

60 Hugh Test is a horrible cook

As much as I hate Johnny, Hugh Test is a annoying ass tyrant!

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