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61 Cuddlebuns is a rip off of Magikarp from Pokemon

A Pokemon type character being weak at first but then turns into Something strong, Yep anyone could figure that out

62 Screechereen is a rip off of Gyarados from Pokemon
63 The XPhone is a rip off of the iPhone
64 The colors look off
65 It overstayed it's welcome
66 It should've ended years ago

No kidding. At first, I thought that this show was all right. But later on, I saw how much over-the-top humor it has. And so, I wish that it was never created.

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67 The guy who created this show also created Big Time Rush

It's no wonder these shows are related.

68 Susan is rude V 1 Comment
69 It's boring

Actually, it's worse than that.

If only that was the only problem with this show. - KingFab

70 Gil is stupid
71 It's lame

That Doesn't Even Make Any Sense. Johnny Sucks Because He's Lame What?

72 The parody episodes are lame and boring
73 Constant sound effects everywhere
74 The noise
75 Bad writing
76 Unfunny jokes
77 Bland Characters

They're worse than bland.

78 James Arnold Taylor is actually proud of the whipping noise
79 Season 1 is the only good season of the show
80 The theme song is a rip-off of American Idiot by Green Day

It's likely that the theme song was based off of it because Johnny Test is an idiot.

The show Johnny test needs a new theme song

Well, Johnny Test is a CANADIAN idiot. - KingFab

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