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81 Hugh and Lila Test are terrible parents

There far more worst than Lawrence and Linda Flynn-Fletcher from "Phineas and Ferb" (despite that "Johnny Test came out in 2005 and "Phineas and Ferb" came out in 2007).

82 Bad color scheme
83 Dukey's name V 1 Comment
84 The guy who created this show also created Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide
85 Johnny is a spoiled brat

Hell yeah, he is! Honestly, why does he think that he can get do whatever he want even though it isn't true? I don't know why his folks put up with him. I mean, why don't they just abandon him?

86 There's never a single quiet moment in any episode

I have to hear the crappy characters speak

87 It ripped off Mario Kart
88 The Brain Freezer is a rip-off of Mr. Freeze from Batman
89 Julian is a rip-off of Princess Leia from Star Wars
90 Bumper doesn't know magic

Well then he is just a dummy who just doesn't seem to get his facts right.

91 Wacko is a rip-off of The Joker
92 Kadoomerang is a rip-off of Squirtle from Pokemon
93 Aquadude is a rip-off of Aquaman V 1 Comment
94 The Mega Mutant Fearsome Force 4 is a rip-off of The Fantastic 4

What a lousy name for a superhero team.

I could come up with something better

95 The mayor of Porkbelly picks out ridiculous town names
96 Purple Space Cats is a rip-off of the movie Avatar V 1 Comment
97 The Zbox is a rip-off of the Xbox

Just like how the I slab is a rip off of the I pad

98 Baboomerang is a rip-off of Wartortle from Pokemon
99 Bumper's not very smart
100 Horrible songs

The theme song is the worst one of them all. It sounds like a really crappy cover of American Idiot by Green Day.

V 1 Comment
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