Top Ten Reasons Why Juice is Better Than Music Speakers

Hello people. This will be the most majestic list you have ever read on TheTopTens.

Juice is one of the best drinks you can possibly have. Cranberry Juice, Apple Juice, Grape Juice, etc. all make this world much better. You know what doesn't? Music Speakers. And here's why I think juice is better than music speakers.

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1 Juice is more useful

If we don't listen to music through a speaker, we can live our lives anyway. However, if we don't drink juice, we will get dehydrated, we will shrivel up like prunes, and decompose. Juice is required to live, therefore it is 100% more useful than music speakers. - DCfnaf

Yeah, it keeps you from getting thirsty! And it also tastes good with meals! Buy juice instead of music speakers! It will feed you, music speakers won't, lol!

I hate orange juice but love apple and grape juice never had any other juice. Music speakers are too loud. - purpleyoshi98

This is the greatest list of all time. - Cartoonfan202

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2 Juice has many different flavors

Cranberry, Grape, Orange, Apple, Grapefruit, Pineapple, etc. There is tons of variety when it comes to juice. Sure, there are different brands of speakers, but you're getting the same experience from each of them. You put in your music into each speaker, and the same thing will be blasting out. Different flavors of juice give you many different experiences on the taste buds. - DCfnaf

Yeah, my favorite flavors of juice are orange juice and peach juice. And they are worth buying more than music speakers!


3 You can drink juice

It's very boring if you're not drinking something, and juice can be drank. Sadly, Music Speakers can't be drank and you can only use your ears to listen to them. That's just lame. - DCfnaf

4 Juice actually tastes good

The beautiful sensation on your taste buds though... - DCfnaf

5 Juice looks more elite

When you look at the meniscus of the juice as it waves back and forth inside the glass, you see the world in a whole new light. - DCfnaf

6 Juice is refreshing

If it's sweaty outside, music speakers are not going to rehydrate you. - DCfnaf

7 Music speakers can hurt your ears

These things can be blaring at high volume and your ear drums will pop. That's pretty awful. Juice doesn't do this obviously. - DCfnaf

They can make you deaf, those speakers. - Ultron123

8 Most music sucks nowadays

"Mo Bounce"? "Bingo"? Garbage. We don't want trash blaring on the music speakers. - DCfnaf

9 Everyone loves juice and no one likes music speakers

Of course, juice is essential in everyday life, music speakers is not essential in everyday life. They sell juice everywhere, music speakers are not sold everywhere because they are not as significant.

Juice is more popular so it's clearly better. I don't need to research that, it's a fact. - DCfnaf

10 Justin Bieber's music can be on music speakers

Oh gosh, please no. I don't want to hear his music very loudly, especially if it is playing Boyfriend. If they play good music, then I would dance to it and go crazy!

Goes without saying really. - DCfnaf

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11 Juice doesn't kill us
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