Reasons Why Justin Bieber Is a Better Rapper Than Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar is so bad that Justin Bieber is a better rapper than him.

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1 Better lyrical content

This is literally the worst list I've ever seen

This list is so dumb

Umm... hell no

This is the worst list ever created... - KingSlayer93316

SelfDestruct. Enough said. - WonkeyDude98

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2 Better rap verses

How is the Control Verse worse than any Justine Beaver verse!? - TheLister

3 Justin Bieber can rap faster than Kendrick Lamar

How can the speed of a rap tell that one rapper is better than another? Lyrics and flow first, speed later.

What?! Justin Bieber doesn't define rap, more like crap! - CasinLetsGoBowling


4 Great punchlines

Lame - BorisRule

JUSTIN IS LAME - waraypiso

Kendrick Lamar once said this:
"I pray my d*** get big as the Eiffel Tower/So I could f*** the world for 72 hours."
That was pretty awesome. Justin Bieber doesn't even use punchlines! - TheLister

5 Better beats

No! Kendrick's beats are WAY better! - TheLister


6 More awesome flow

NO! Kendrick Lamar's flow and voice is awesome! It is almost the complete opposite of Justin Bieber's flow! - TheLister

Kendrick Lamar has a much better flow - AlphaQ

7 Justin Bieber's raps are for the people whereas Kendrick Lamar only raps for money

Please explain how lines like:
"Who said a black man in the Illuminati? Last time I checked, that was the biggest racist party"
Are for money while lines like:
"If I was your boyfriend I'll never let you go"
Are for the people!
This is an absolutely terrible list! - TheLister

Bieber probably raps for money as well

I’m 99.9% sure of this - KingSlayer93316

8 Less annoying songs

Justin Bieber wrote a song with only two steps:
1. Write terrible verses about a breakup while sounding a girl.
2. Say the word Baby until it almost loses its meaning.
How is that less annoying than anything Kendrick made!? - TheLister

He might be one of the writers, but he got thousand other writers writing for him. - SelfDestruct

Kendrick is much better than Bibero. - AlphaQ

Kendrick’s songs are less annoying than Bieber’s songs - KingSlayer93316

No! Kendrick has good songs. And garbage Bieber doesn't! 👎

9 Kendrick Lamar rips off Rick Ross

How does such a meaningful rapper that appears to be the second coming of Nas like Kendrick lamar rip off a fat, terrible rapper who once rapped about rape and enjoying it like Rick Ross!? - TheLister

10 Kendrick Lamar has collaborated with terrible artists

I just voted for this so I could remind people that Justin Bieber IS a terrible artist, so where does that leave us?

So has Justin lol. He collard with Nicki MinaJ and Sean Kingston. - AlphaQ

Justin collaborated with Nikki Minaj - KingSlayer93316

So has Justin Bieber.

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1. Justin Bieber's raps are for the people whereas Kendrick Lamar only raps for money
2. Justin Bieber can rap faster than Kendrick Lamar
3. Better lyrical content
1. Better beats
2. Better lyrical content
3. Better rap verses


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