Top Ten Reasons Why Justin Bieber Is Better Than Adolf Hitler

Ok, here it goes. This is ought to be very controversial.

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1 Justin Bieber hasn't killed any people

Even if I hate Bieber, there is no comparison between him and Hitler. Hitler was a terrible man who killed people for doing nothing. Justin Bieber just sucks. - AnnaOfArendelle332

Yeah, killing millions of people is definitely worse than sing annoying songs.

I hate Justin Bieber, but he didn't start a war, killing millions of people!

His songs avoided alien invasion

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2 Hitler has done worse things

He just makes bad songs and acts like a bully but would you rather pick Music over millions of innocent lives lost? - Neonco31

Justin Bieber may have done evil acts too, and could be as evil as Hitler, but killing people and ending their lives is just worse than killing a person in his/her mind, body, heart and soul.

Jb is probably one of the stupidest and worst singers in the world, but he didn't kill 6 million people. - Therandom

Wow, a list saying Justin Bieber's better than someone and it's not a troll or JustinBIEBERLOVER! That's a TTT first - Songsta41

3 Justin Bieber isn't a Nazi

I don't know naizs are pretty cool

I saw a pic of him doing the salute - Neonco31

Or is he?
He's just a bad music maker...
He's probably illuminati instead.

4 Justin Bieber didn't create a Holocaust

This is one of the only things I hate about Hitler apart from him being racist.

Hitler did it and not Justin - Neonco31

5 Justin Bieber at least says sorry for his actions

And repeats such actions. It sickens me that people apologize and repeat the same actions. He shouldn't have apologized if that's the case.

Yeah he even wrote a song

What's the point of apologising if he's going to do it again, with even worse results?

Justin Bieber is worse than Adolf.

6 Hitler was anti-Semitic
7 Hitler believes in Facism

Actually, the Nazi party was a branch off of socialism, not fascism. - Turkeyasylum

Facism was an Italian ideology by Mussolini. Hitler's ideology was national socialism. Justin Bieber's ideology is Bieberism.

What's the meaning of the word "facism"? - BlueTopazIceVanilla

I need to create my ideology combining Nazism, Fascism and Republicanism.

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8 Justin Bieber didn't start World War II

Why not, this works...I guess

Super mega strongly agreed! Justin Bieber was born 49 years after World War 2 ended. - SamHalls2015

So what? Hitler was bad for solely starting World War 2? What kind of logic is that?! Hitler needed to start a war because it was for his people and to reclaim the original land they lost.

Or did he?

9 Justin Bieber isn't an Aryan

How hypocritical. That is like saying, "Justin Bieber is better than Einstein because he isn't a Jew."

Not all Aryans are bad.

10 He didn't kill the Jews

I'm reluctant to say this, but this is true.

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11 He didn't slaughter millions of innocent people because they were different
12 Nobody likes Hitler

I know more than 7 people who likes Hitler, but his personality, arts, eyes not what he did.

I like Hitler, though I don't like how he killed the Jews, minority races and the disabled. But how he started the war, I liked it. It was a symbol of German bravery.

That's not true. There are still many Neo-Nazism groups who follows the ideology of Hitler.

I like hitler

13 Hitler was an actual bad guy
14 Justin Bieber can sing better than Hitler

Have you heard Hitler perform The Next Holocaust? He nailed it. - bobbythebrony

Did you ever heard his latest album called "Mein Kampfy Couch"? , I did Nazi that coming! - CerealGuy

Hitler doesn't need to sing.

I bet that's not true - Songsta41

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15 Justin Bieber wasn't a mass murderer
16 Hitler was pretending to be nice

Justin wasn't pretending to be nice.
He was always a jerk:

17 Justin Bieber hasn't committed suicide because he is doing badly
18 Justin Bieber has more fans

Stupid fans. Nazis weren't stupid on the other hand. Just sadistic. Quality over quantity.

At least they don't kill people - Neonco31

Yes, he have more fans as hitler, björk have more fans as justin bieber.

19 Justin Bieber was just a drunk/high teenager who let his money get to his head.

Justin shouldn't even be compared to Hitler because he's just a guy who let his fame take over. He has apologized to all his fans and people still love him. People who "cut for Bieber " are dumbasses. He was hammered and a teenage boy. Hitler killed millions of people. Justin egged a house. How does that compare?

20 Justin Bieber has a better hairstyle

Looks do not matter

21 Hitler was crazy

He wasn't. He knew what he's doing.

22 Justin Bieber isn't a dictator

There are good dictators. Your argument is invalid.

23 Justin is underrated, Hitler's is overrated.
24 Hitler was mean
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1. He didn't kill the Jews
2. Justin Bieber at least says sorry for his actions
3. He didn't slaughter millions of innocent people because they were different
1. Justin Bieber wasn't a mass murderer
2. Justin Bieber didn't start World War II
3. Justin Bieber isn't a Nazi
1. Justin Bieber hasn't killed any people
2. Hitler has done worse things
3. Justin Bieber didn't create a Holocaust


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