Top Ten Reasons Why Justin Bieber Is Better Than the Beatles


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1 Justin is hot

This is a stupid list. The Beatles are better, everyone knows that.

This list is a terrible list. See, the Beatles are the number one best-sellers of all time, and they have created so many liked songs and hits. Except for Baby (which is hated as well) Justin Bieber has not created that great of songs. I admit the Beatles do not have that great of voices and are a little overrated, but they are still FAR better and FAR more liked than Justin Bieber. - Bronson

This is actually the only thing in this list that makes any sense, all the others are like he takes drugs, he's more liked and things that aren't something that make you better than anyone else. In fact here is what I suggest, listen to an album by the Beatles, listen to an album by Justin Bieber, now make opinions based on that rather than saying

Oh my god he takes drugs and nearly ran over someone, oh that makes him so much better than the Beatles, do you actually think that makes someone better than that, honestly I would say Ricky Martin is better than Justin Bieber, in fact the only reason I like Justin Bieber is because he is hot, no other reasons at all - DJSchollen

This list has no reasonable evidence to back it up. I know I'm probably "feeding the troll", but it actually is an inaccurate list with no reasonable reasons and/or evidence to back it up. Call me a hypocrite or whatever, but I am speaking the truth. Oh and does JBL know that the Beatles are in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and that after many decades of being split up their songs are still well-remembered and that they were considered influences to several other musicians of the rock genre of music and many other genres of music too. However if she still goes by her opinion then oh well whatever. - Anonymousxcxc

I'm pretty sure this guy is a troll. - BrianScott01

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2 Justin is talented

No he's not, he just uses autotune.

I don't see how peeing local mop buckets is so called, "talented". Did I miss a meeting? - MontyPython

Does this imply that the Beatles aren't? The Beatles actually use instruments, the only "instrument" Justin uses is autotune. - Songsta41

Where's Leafy when you need him? - yungstirjoey666

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3 Justin can dance

Not really. But hey, if you can somehow find a video of Justin dancing, then come back to me and say that he can dance. Probably won't happen, but hey, you'll find away. Fangirls always do.

But he sucks at singing and he never plays instruments.

She can't dance she just wobbles around waving her hands around like those kids in shake it up

Since when this make him better? playing instruments is better

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4 Justin has abs

Actually, the Beatles did have abs. Look it up. The lies pile up on this terrible list. - MontyPython

Are looks all you care about? Justin having abs does NOT make him any better than the Beatles.

So? Does music relate to abs? You seriously need to get your facts straight girl. - Catacorn

I have abs. And I'm FAR better than Justin Bieber. We cool? - AlphaQ

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5 The Beatles are bad

Stupid reasons are one thing, but really no reason at all, and just saying that the Beatles are bad, is just plain pathetic.

Ok first listen to hey jude or yellow submarine than listen to any Justin Bieber song than I dare you. I DARE YOU! To say Justin Bieber is better. - samanime

I assume this list is a troll. Please tell me this list is a troll.

Yes it is visitor but people are fooled and still feeding the troll - CerealGuy

I think you talking about Led Zeppelin or Gay Sremmurd - AlphaQ

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6 More people like Justin

Go up to several people, and ask each of them which they like better: Justin Bieber, or the Beatles. Most likely, they'll say the Beatles.

Why do you like Justin better than rock music? I know it's your opinion, but... You have terrible reasons. - MontyPython

No.. Just no this list isn't good... - Number18

He's the scum of the earth.The Beatles were an amazing band and will go down in history for great songwriting,and Justin will be known as that douchebag who uses auto tune and hates his fans.

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7 He took drugs

Why is this a good thing, I think not taking drugs would make some one better than someone who does. So an artist who doesn't get high on something is better than one who does especially if he or her creates good music. - DJSchollen

... And so did The Beatles. LSD, Heroin, Predulin, you name it. And who became successful? THE Beatles! Justin is trash and everybody knows it! - kaitlynrad11

Yo' guys The Beatles did drugs too but their music is a much much better quality than that of Justin Bieber's. I mean my 7th grade science teacher is probably the only person I've met that is only neutral on The Beatles but what I do know is that even he finds The Beatles better than Bieber. - Anonymousxcxc

That's a bad thing. - AlphaQ

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8 Justin nearly killed someone while driving drunk

Okay, okay! This makes him a good person? If anything, it just supports how bad of a person he is, not how awesome he is. I'm really starting to think you're delusional. I'm sorry, but a person who killed someone while drunk driving should not be worthy of praise.

Yay! JBL is back! I missed her funny comments! (they were funny, but still, I don't like or hate JBL but I thought her comments were funny) - Therandom

Since when is this considered a good thing to say about this moron? In this case, you are supporting his stupidity and saying that is worthy of respect.

Well that doesn't make him better at all but if you want it like that, then the only thing I can tell you is that in 1961, McCartney and former band's drummer Pete Best were expelled from Germany because they put a CONDOM in fire. This is how we do.

This doesn't make him good but he was young

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9 The Beatles don't write their own songs

Who wrote Here Comes the Sun? Who wrote Hey Jude? Who wrote Yellow Submarine? Who wrote In My Life? Hmm... Oh yeah! THE Beatles! - MontyPython

Justin is the person who didn't write his own songs. The Beatles revolutionized the music industry with their own original music. - Songsta41

No it is the other way round. No crap bag would say this. Justin writes not a single song by himself. Unbelievable. You obviously have not listened to a single Beatles song.

I think the guy who put this used 1 tons of drugs

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10 Justin didn't go nuts in India

Excuse me.I'm an Indian and the ass who made this list curse you.

We go nuts because of this creator.

What is wrong with you?

My brother says Justin Bieber doesn't have nuts. I'm just gonna give up on defend JB - AlphaQ

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11 Justin is perfect

Nobody is perfect. Especially this thing.

Hannah Montana already explained this, "Nobody's perfect! " That's all I remember from that song. - MontyPython

Yes, 'cause Justin Beiber is Jesus!

And if you didn't know, I was being sarcastic.

Perfect aim at spitting at poor fans - AlphaQ

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12 Justin has stayed out of trouble so far

I haven't really heard the Beatles all that much, if at all (please don't hate me! ) but Justin Bieber is Mr. Trouble! He's also Mr. RUDE! Spitting on his fans from the ba, cony! He did that?!? RIGHT?!? I'll admit, As Long As You Love Me is actually a pretty good song, but the rest of his songs are generic grbage. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Have you been living under a rock the past 5 years. - SammySpore

He was fined once for throwing eggs on his neighbour's house. - Animefan12

He also went to jail for a night because he got caught drag racing (it was only one night because of bail which to be honest is probably one of the stupidest things in judicial law ever. Like no if you really did something bad serve your time. If you didn't then I guess I'll leave it to the experts for that answer...). - Anonymousxcxc

Since the last time he was in prison? - Wereweegee

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13 Justin has cool hair

He copied the Beatles. They have cooler hair and music than him. - BubbleBear01

Correction: THE BEATLES have cooler hair than an ugly wannabe noob who is just a beaver who lives in a dustbin!

From a bowl cut to looking like a pimp

He looks like Donald Trump. RESPECT

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14 Nobody likes the Beatles

At least the Beatles actually have talent. Justin Bieber's obnoxious, girly voice makes me wish I was born deaf. The Beatles, on the other hand, make me feel nostalgic and better appreciate music from the past. THE Beatles HAVE TALENT! Justin DOES NOT! This Bieber lover who made this list SERIOUSLY DOES NOT have ANY taste in music WHATSOEVER! The Beatles are legendary. Princess Bieber will be forgotten before we know it. - RockFashionista

The Beatles have way more fans then dumb idiot with the weird hair and girl voice. Everyone likes the Beatles. No one likes Justin beiber. You are seriously seriously mistaken. See what Justin beiber does to people?

Are you joking? I'm a huge fan of The Beatles. The Beatles have talent and Justin is peeing in mop buckets. Influence? - Catacorn

Actually nobody likes Justin Bieber. - AlphaQ

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15 Nothing

Justin Bieber has done damage to music, whereas the Beatles changed music forever (in a positive way). - dingodile2603

16 Justin is fashionable

Excuse me, but at least the Beatles looked like gentlemen in their early days with those suits and ties. And fashion excuses a whiny little teenager for being an egotistical douchebag with the intelligence of a bowling ball?

Yeah, but fashion and looks don't matter. it's talent and respect that really matters. unless he is meeting someone really important like the queen... that reason I would let him off. BIEBER WE DON'T WANT TO SEE YOUR UNDER WEAR

17 The Beatles had to do thousands of hours of gigging in Hamburg and Liverpool to hone their craft; Justin Bieber just had to put up a Youtube video

They didn't have internet back then... (At the end of this comment it said idiot but I felt bad so I got rid of it.) - MontyPython

I think doing gigs makes you better than putting up a YouTube video. It means you can try different things with your audience and mature your sound through practice and playing it to a small crowd. A YouTube video can get you recognized but if Justin Bieber went through gigs and that route, he may actually be more talented because he would have matured and been respected. Big thing here: Coming from the bottom and getting to the top through hard work makes you become more respected by so many people. - DJSchollen

YEAH! This just shows how much work and dedication they put into their music! They didn't have let alone needed the Internet to make them famous all around the world.

There was no YouTube in the 60s so that's invalid

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18 Justin is sexier

Justin is a dick head. Paul looked more sexier in the cat costume than Justin will in his whole life on earth.

Justin looks less sexy than Adolf Hitler! - Gamecubesarecool193

Just no. He is ugly. - D0gLover970

Sense when do sexy artists happen to be better ones? - Lucretia

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19 Justin's music is so bad it's good

Correction; his music is so BAD, it's TERRIBLE. - GrapeJuiceK

Had to vote for this because it's the only item that
1. Is true, unlike items such as 'Justin has stayed out of trouble so far' and 'The Beatles don't write their own songs.
2. It isn't about looks, that doesn't matter.

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20 Justin loves his fans

He does?! I thought he likes to spit on them. - Therandom

Then does he show his love by peeing on the audience? (seriously, he did that)

You sure about that? He spat and peed on his fans, has nearly killed people AND recently cancelled his meet and greets (some fans payed up to 2,600 dollars) because they make him feel "drained" and "exhausted". What kind of guy is this? His fans are the reason that got him this famous in the first place so he should be grateful. Not cancel it on them and not discount their money!

And if they don't hating on people he likes, he is going to make his Instagram private - jp12960

I don't think spitting on fans is respectful. - AlphaQ

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