Top Ten Reasons Why Justin Bieber is Better Than Donald Trump

These are two of the most hated people on this site. Who is the most hated? Who will win?!!?

1. I am not a Belieber, I just hate Donald Trump.
2. I do not normally favor JB in any way, but compared to Trump I have made the decision that he is better.
Anyway, enjoy the list!
P.S. velitelcabal you can't convince me Trump is better. XD
P.P.S. This is just one of my crazy comparison lists, ignore if you want.

The Top Ten

1 Donald Trump got rich for nothing

Same with Justin Bieber, what the hell did he do as a famous person. He's talentless. Also isn't he a product of a failed abortion

Trump sucks, but he got rich due to his businesses. Justin got rich because of his producers.

Justin Bieber is talented person. He writes his own songs. He can sing. He is decent singer. He can play lots of Instruments - Nandani

Actually Trump inherited much of his money. His dad was a real estate tycoon.

2 Donald Trump is racist

And Justin Bieber said that Asians are bad people,he also made a joke that are offensive to African Americans. - SamuiNeko

Justin Bieber is no different.

Donald Trump isn't racist, he never directly said anything negative to a race. Justin, my friend, however... - SoldierOfFortune

So is Justin Bieber. - B1ueNew

3 Donald Trump's hair is fake

I didn't know! Thanks for letting me know! *sarcasm* - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Nicki Minaj has a faker hair.

They're both equally bad. - Powerfulgirl10

I'm pretty sure JB's isn't. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

4 Donald Trump criticizes, but never fixes the problem

What problem has Beiber fixed? This is not true, though, in the words of Trevor Noah, "Trump can fix any problem, so long as he made it."

Let’s see...our current economic situation, the unemployment rate, Kim Jong Un...NOPE can’t think of anything problems he fixed. Those things that were just listed didn’t actually happen because in our fantasy land, everything Trump has done involves racism!

5 Justin Beiber has not called Iowans stupid

But Justin Bieber hates Asians, which comprise 54% of the world's population.

But Trump did. How rude and disrespectful.
And it was all because they didn't have enough votes for him. In my opinion, the Iowans should be considered the smartest people in the world for not voting for him. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Well he hates black people(Except for Usher) - DarkBoi-X

6 Donald Trump is uglier than Justin Beiber

They're both ugly.

JB's fans find him attractive. But we all know that Trump is one of the ugliest things inside and out.

Are you kidding me? Bieber is hideous!

donald is 73 but he's not ugly just because he's old and justin is 26

7 Justin Beiber has not married 3+ times

Wait till Justin Bieber gets to Las Vegas!

Donald Trump has married a lot of times…TOO MANY times.

At least he can get girls unlike Bieber. The only reason JB gets to is because he is rich. And his Girlfriend is a thot and a gold digger.

That's because troll (trump) is like 70 while Justina beaver is like 22-23 so troll being married a lot is more likely than Justina

8 Justin Beiber is not running for president

He's too young to run. But if he's old enough, he would run for president, which would be WORSE.

He's in his 20s, Canadian and I doubt if he's been an 'American citizen' for five years. So he can't run for your president.

Justin Bieber isn't running for president so unlike trump he can't destroy the world

If Jutin Beiber runs for president then I will vote for him. Justin Beiber might be awful as well but at least he's not as bad as Donald Trump. - njalabi63989

9 Donald Trump's fanbase is worse than Justin Beiber's fanbase

At least Justin's fan base is basically harmless.

This is actually true, but they're almost as bad.

Actually, Donald Trump's fanbase is more well informed and decent than justin's fanbase, which comprises of spoiled teen girls - styLIShT

Anyone who can support the evil bastard Bieber is heartless.

10 He isn't orange

What does this have to do with anything? Trump is not orange.

RACIST! - darthvadern

So? That’s quite racist and what has this to do with each other? - Userguy44

The Contenders

11 Donald Trump is evil

Bieber sucks but he's not evil - 9713524179

12 He doesn't want to punch his haters in the face

Yeah, says the Justin Bieber "Fans"

Nah. He spits on his fans instead :') - ACKREIK

Dear Donald troll, I want to kick you in between. because I'm sure that he really does want to punch everyone in the face

13 Donald Trump made fun of a reporter's speech impediment

Making fun of someone's disability is straight out messed up.

Daffy Duck should beat the living sap out of Donald Trump for that. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Bieber hasn't made fun of disabled people? HAHAAHAHAH

14 He does not want to ban all Muslims

I'm Muslim and that's the number 1 reason. - njalabi63989

15 Justin Bieber doesn't want to date his own daughter

She's already married, has two kids, and is expecting. There's a 35 year age difference, and more importantly, SHE IS HIS DAUGHTER!

You don't know that. Wait til Selena Gomez is pregnant.

He doesn't have a daughter, that's why.

16 People on TheTopTens hate Justin Beiber more

Hitler > Bieber > Trump. End of story.

3 people liked this comment saying a mediocre teen pop singer is worse than Hitler. Give me a break. - allamassal

17 Justin Bieber's "Baby" is better than Donald Trump's racist, ignorant, and bigoted words

At least "Baby" doesn't say bad stuff about other people.

I would say this is true... - FennikenFan9


At least J.B...will always be better than D.T!

18 Justin Bieber is not that heartless

At least Justin Bieber has a soft heart.

Wanna bet?

Yes he is.

19 Justin Bieber never said "Small loan of a million dollars"

Oh no. One dumb comment. It's not like we all say dumb things (sarcasm) - B1ueNew

Small loan of a million Reichsmarks - SirSkeletorThe3rd

A million dollars is NOT a small loan!

20 Justin Bieber worked his way to fame, Trump bought it.
21 Justin Bieber isn't going to build a wall

This is too similar to reason #21 - RB-Number1-fan


And what’s the point? - Userguy44

22 Justin Bieber is a terrible person, but he is pretty young. But Donald Trump is much older, having more experience than Bieber, yet he is a worse person than him.

This is one of the only things that make sence.

23 Justin Bieber's Improving

Not really. - Userguy44


24 Justin Bieber isn't the Prime Minister of Canada

(at least not yet)

I’m Canadian and I’ll just say if Justin Beiber somehow manages to get enough votes to become priminister...I’ll immigrant to Japan

25 Justin Bieber never wanted to build a wall
26 Justin Bieber hasn't denied climate change.

Nor does he shill for big oil companies, like Trump. You have to be a buffoon to be a climate change skeptic nowadays, especially since weather isn't becoming normal. The hot gets hotter and the cold gets colder; yes, extreme temperatures are a product of global warming.

27 Bieber doesn't have power over an entire country

We're lucky, otherwise, I'd stay at home for the next four years.

28 You can ignore Bieber but Trump is shoved in your face

I almost hate both of them, but this is right. Every time the news is on I see Trumps face while he's saying something stupid or offensive.

29 Singers are more interesting than politicians

Trumpu is not a pollitician - ihatetrump

He's not a politician he's a celebrity who ran for president for fame - ihatetrump

30 Justin does not have his own board game and line of stakes

Actually Justin does have a board game

31 He's Canadian

I mean which country voted for Bush twice? Has Donald Trump as a serious presidential candidate? People taking Katy Perry and Carrie Underwood as legitimate music artists as they bring them to prominence? Not Canada. Take that!

Canada gave the US Nickelback and Justin Bieber. You cannot argue with that.

Racist - B1ueNew

32 Justin Bieber is not modern day Adolf Hitler

Donald Trump is modern Hitler but Justin isn't. - njalabi63989

Donald Trump isn’t even a modern day Hitler? - Userguy44

Neither are. - B1ueNew

33 Justin Bieber cannot legally run for president of the United States

And thank Heavens. - ACKREIK

34 Justin Bieber has a mustache

And Trump has a unicorn horn. - ACKREIK

Trump can have one too if he wants. - Userguy44

35 Justin Bieber is obnoxious, but Trump is down right offensive, which is worse than obnoxious.
36 Justin Bieber as a stylized baseball helmet from Basebrawl
37 Unlike Donald Trump, Justin Bieber is actually smart
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