Top Ten Reasons Why Justin Bieber is Better Than Donald Trump

These are two of the most hated people on this site. Who is the most hated? Who will win?!!?

1. I am not a Belieber, I just hate Donald Trump.
2. I do not normally favor JB in any way, but compared to Trump I have made the decision that he is better.
Anyway, enjoy the list!
P.S. velitelcabal you can't convince me Trump is better. XD
P.P.S. This is just one of my crazy comparison lists, ignore if you want.

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21 Justin Bieber isn't going to build a wall

This is too similar to reason #21 - RB-Number1-fan


22 Justin Bieber never wanted to build a wall
23 Justin Bieber is a terrible person, but he is pretty young. But Donald Trump is much older, having more experience than Bieber, yet he is a worse person than him.
24 Singers are more interesting than politicians
25 Justin Bieber's Improving
26 Justin does not have his own board game and line of stakes

Actually Justin does have a board game

27 He's Canadian

I mean which country voted for Bush twice? Has Donald Trump as a serious presidential candidate? People taking Katy Perry and Carrie Underwood as legitimate music artists as they bring them to prominence? Not Canada. Take that!

Canada gave the US Nickelback and Justin Bieber. You cannot argue with that. - SteelCity99

28 Justin Bieber isn't the Prime Minister of Canada

(at least not yet)

29 Justin Bieber is not modern day Adolf Hitler

Donald Trump is modern Hitler but Justin isn't. - njalabi63989

30 Justin Bieber cannot legally run for president of the United States

And thank Heavens. - ACKREIK

31 Justin Bieber hasn't denied climate change.

Nor does he shill for big oil companies, like Trump. You have to be a buffoon to be a climate change skeptic nowadays, especially since weather isn't becoming normal. The hot gets hotter and the cold gets colder; yes, extreme temperatures are a product of global warming.

32 Justin Bieber has a mustache

And Trump has a unicorn horn. - ACKREIK

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