10 Reasons Why Justin Bieber is Better Than Miley Cyrus

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1 He can sing better songs

They both are talentless hacks - B1ueNew

It's true.

He's truly a bit better than Miley,I still like Miley but not that much because sometimes she doesn't seem like a very nice person,but I'll say he's better

2 He's more appropriate

No he's not all his music videos are him half naked with some ugly girl hoe dancing - B1ueNew

He's appropriate.

True,don't understand why everyone gives him hate,he had made mistakes though,but...he made an sorry letter to his fans

3 He's learning from his mistakes

No he's not - B1ueNew

4 He has swag

Just because he cusses at a former president doesn't mean he has "swag" - B1ueNew

5 He's very smart

"Smart" is this a joke? No he is one of the stupidest people on this planet - B1ueNew

6 He creates funnier songs

The only thing funny about JB is how he actually makes music and people like it - B1ueNew

7 He writes better songs
8 He had several hairstyles
9 He cares about his fans

The hell? , No he doesn't he ignores autographs and disabled fans - B1ueNew

10 He doesn't pole dance

True, Miley was a lot better in 2009;(

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11 He has a better voice

At least Miley sounds like her own gender! - B1ueNew

Ah boo hoo, I insulted your favorite musician, What are you going to do? Let me play you a song on the worlds smallest violin - B1ueNew

Nope, At least Miley sounds like her gender, JB doesn't - B1ueNew

12 Justin has gone to jail, Miley hasn’t.

He has the street crew, something she doesn’t have.

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