Top Ten Reasons Why Justin Bieber Is Better Than Nicki Minaj


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1 Baby vs. Stupid Hoe

Baby. No doubt about it. That song might be bad but HOLY LORD! Baby is Bohemian Rhapsody compared to Stupid Hoe!

I haven't even heard the whole song of stupid hoe and I can safely say no one has ever gotten to the end without dying or passing out from stupidity.

Baby is horrible but Stupid Hoe is DISASTER!

Eh? Baby is WORSE! - BorisRule

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2 Justin Bieber's Songs Are Inoffensive

Just Bieber not dissed Muslims like nicki minaj, but both of them are illuminate members - belarbi

I only voted to comment that they're both awful.

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3 In Beauty And A Beat, Nicki Minaj Dissed Bieber's Girlfriend, and Bieber never dissed Nicki's Boyfriend

I hate Selena Gomez for so many reasons, and I thought it was funny when Nicki did that.

4 Baby vs. Anaconda

Baby is much better than the worst song in the world. - Turkeyasylum

Definitely Baby. Anaconda piss me off. - 05yusuf09

Anaconda is worser - Neonco31

Baby is much better than Bananaconda. - AlphaQ

5 As Long As You Love Me vs Only

I hate both, but Only is 100000x worse. - WonkeyDude98

6 Justin Bieber Has No Fanbase, While Nicki Minaj Has An Annoying Fanbase

Justin has an annoying fanbase (even if his amount of haters are way bigger) while Nicki has NO fanbase

I can agree with that.

Neither does Nicki. In fact, nearly everyone on the site hates her. Well I hate her too but not as much as other people do. - AlphaQ

7 Nicki Minaj's Voice Is More Atrocious

This is a straight up fact. I would rather listen to Justin Bieber's voice than listen to Minaj's inhuman, ear stabbing voice.

I would prefer Justin Bieber. I may hate him but Nicki's voice is so horrible that I feel like fountains of blood are bursting out of my ears.

When Nicki raps she sounds like she can't breathe an it sounds atrocious. - AlphaQ

Justin has a pretty good voice, while Nicki... uh... you get the picture. - Popsicles

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8 Nicki Dissed Lil' Kim

Just wait, Nicki is going to diss Donald Trump now. - Catacorn

Lil Kim is better than Nicki Minaj. Even if you dislike Lil Kim, How Many Licks is like Bohemian Rhopsody compared to Anaconda.

9 Nicki Minaj Is Just Nicki's Stage Name, and Bieber Has No Stage Name

This is a reason

Wow. What a good reason. - zach2246tt

I'd rather be called Onika not Nicki.

I actually like Onika better than Nicki. - Catacorn

10 Barbies vs. Beliebers

Lol. Nicki's fans are called Barbies - Neonco31

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11 Justin Bieber Doesn't Act Like A Whore

Justin Bieber is male

12 Justin Bieber Doesn't Stick His Bare Butt In Front of the Camera

LOL..! A good reason.

He does - waraypiso

13 Nicki Minaj's Songs Have Worse Lyrics

This is indeed the case. Bieber's lyrics may be ridiculous, but they're not off-the-chart ridiculous. - PositronWildhawk

Justin's lyrics are about girls. But Nicki's lyrics are about sex and butt, completely. - 05yusuf09

14 Nicki Minaj Is Disgusting

This is also a reason

She is a broken plastic toy. - 05yusuf09

She's an unholy demon slob

15 Justin Bieber Doesn't Twerk in a Thong

Great job. I was just going to grab lunch, but now... - AnonymousChick

Thanks for thAt horrible image

That would be an ugly sight... - SwagFlicks

He doesn't twerk at all - Neonco31

16 Justin Bieber Has Dignity

I don't think so

17 Nicki Minaj Is More Inappropriate for Kids

My friend likes Nicki Minaj. I thought to myself, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!? Her songs aren't even meant for kids!

I'm a kid, and my mom won't let me listen to Nicki Minaj, but she let's me listen to Justin Bieber.

Kid! your mom let you listen to gay but she won't let you to listen a real woman! whadda :D

18 Nicki Minaj Is a Porn Star

I hate Porn - Neonco31


19 Justin Bieber Has Some Talent While Nicki Minaj Is Anti-Talented

Justin Bieber has a couple good song, Love Yourself is basically a masterpiece compared to Super Bass, and I like that song by Nicki. - Catacorn

Yep. At least - Neonco31

I agree this, maybe JB has talent; especially dancing. But Nicki is Twerking always. - 05yusuf09

20 Justin Bieber Is a Good Hearted Christian

Even though Justin Bieber has strade away from his faith, he is a saint compared to Nicki.

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