Reasons Why Justin Bieber is Better Than Rebecca Black

I hate Justin Bieber, but Rebecca Black is way worse.

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1 Rebecca Black's Voice Is Worse Than Justin Bieber

Actually, Bieber's voice is worse because he's a dude who sounds like a girl! - RB-Number1-fan

Just Forget Friday and listen to The Great Divide. - 445956

This list is so dumb! Rebecca Black is so much better than that crappy overrated Justin Bieber!
Justin Bieber is so much worse than that poor overhated Rebecca Black! - RB-Number1-fan

2 Friday Is Worse Than Baby

But The Great Divide is not - 445956

Even though Baby is a terrible piece of crap, Friday is the MOST TERRIBLE CRAPPIEST PIECE OF CRAP EVER! - venomouskillingmachine

Baby is worse - Sparkjolt

3 Rebecca Black's Songs are Worse Than Justin Bieber's Songs

No they're not - RB-Number1-fan

4 Rebecca Black Doesn't Have Any Good Songs and Justin Bieber Has Some Good Songs

Bieber has more bad songs but he has some good songs like As Long As You Love Me, What Do You Mean, Confident, Where are U Now, Beauty and a Beat, etc, BUT REBECCA BLACK? SHE DOESN'T HAVE ANY GOOD SONGS! - venomouskillingmachine

The Great Divide is the best song of 2016. - 445956

This is contrare to the opposite 10 reasons of who's better than who. In the list where RB is better than JB, it says "Rebecca Black only has one bad song / every Justin Bieber song sucks".
And I kinda agree with that quote I just posted! Songs like The Great Divide and Foolish aren't that bad! COME ON PEOPLE! - RB-Number1-fan

5 Justin Bieber Is More Popular Than Rebecca Black

Awful list! - HunterBrony101

6 Justin Bieber Has More Followers Than Rebecca Black

Well at least that makes it easier to give Rebecca Black you're attention when you wanna talk to her (Cause she also has too many followers) - RB-Number1-fan

This is one of the stupidest lists I've ever seen. What year is this, 2011?

7 Justin Bieber Is Cooler Than Rebecca Black

In what sense? IN WHAT SENSE!?! - RB-Number1-fan

8 Justin Bieber Is Bigger Than Rebecca Black

Bigger? - Catacorn

9 Justin Bieber Has More Awards Than Rebecca Black
10 Justin Bieber Only Says "Baby" Three Times, Rebecca Black Says "Fun" Too Many Times

Sorry to be the party pooper, but Justin says "Baby" literally 56 times and Rebecca says "Fun" only 9 times.

He says Baby 56 times on the song

Yes, Justin says "Baby" 56 times, but how many times does Rebecca say "Fun"? probably 1,000 times

To the person who said "To the person who said "Justin says "Baby" literally 56 times and Rebecca says "Fun" only 9 times."

You are dumb"

Sorry, I miscounted. Rebecca says "Fun" 20 times. Justin says "Baby" 56 times. Who wins?

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11 Justin Bieber Will Be Remembered For All The Stupidity He Brought While Rebecca Black Will Fade Into Obscurity

The absolute truth here

12 Justin Bieber Has More Nominations Than Rebecca Black
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