Top Ten Reasons Why Justin Bieber Is Way Better Than Jackie Evancho

I hate Justin Bieber but Jackie Evancho is THE WORST "music artist" in the world.

The Top Ten

1 Jackie Evancho is way dumber than Justin Bieber

Actually, Justin is not only a bad singer, but he is also a bad person. He is the dumb one. Jackie is smart. - EpicJake

Yeah! Way way dumber! Right on, man! God, this is so cool!

2 Jackie Evancho has to work hard to perfect her art, Justin Bieber can get by with producing mediocrity.

Her "art" is still the worst "art". - SelfDestruct


3 Jackie Evancho wastes her time singing in multiple languages while Justin Bieber has a hit song where he says one word over and over.

And he uses Auto-tune like all real singing artists do. Jackie fails to embrace the technology that's right there for her. What a fake!

I think it's nice to sing in different languages. - FennikenFan9

I agree! The passion and maturity she puts behind those lyrics with her voice, is amazing!

4 Justin Bieber can plead guilty to careless driving and resisting arrest, then attend anger management classes.

Jackie evancho will never even HAVE THIS PREDICAMENT BECAUSE SHE IS A GODDESS, unlike Justin Bieber which has the most disliked video on YouTube for his song baby, while jackie evancho, mmm, no abnormal dislikes except people who prefer mainstream than the legendary underground music. THIS LIST IS DISGRACEFUL! - cheeseskates

Just heard on the news that the little weasel will be allowed to pay an anger management counselor to come to his home or hotel room, so he is basically skating out after almost killing a couple of people and resisting arrest.

I'll bet Jackie Evancho could never get away with that. Another testament to the Bieb's superiority. - PetSounds

And that's supposed to be a GOOD THING? what? @Selfdestruct... ADMIT THAT YOU ARE ON DRUGS!

5 Justin Bieber can pee in a mop bucket on a whim. Jackie would never think to do such a thing.

This just shows how up-tight and proper she is.

Wrong! It shows that she has manners while Justin Bieber doesn't! - RiverClanRocks

6 Their voices

Who makes lists like this?

When u get older you'll be listening the type of music Jackie evancho sings. Justin music sound like like the others just different lyrics.

Yeah, man! Like you posted below, The Bieb sings like a little girl better than she does! And she lip sinks everything. What a fake! Your my hero, man, showing every one how stupid she is!

Justin Bieber is the worst example for all the teens

7 Justin Bieber does a better job of sounding like a little girl than Jackie Evancho, who is a little girl.

He's a lot better being a jerk, too! 'Cause he practices day and night. Jackie Evancho doesn't even practice!

What if Jackie doesn't WANT to sound like a little girl? - FennikenFan9

8 Their music

Right on, man! She sings all them stupid songs that no one can understand, and even a song with no words! That like as stupid as it gets! Even the Bieb sticks a word or two in his songs and repetes them over an over so's every real music lover can understand.

Justin Bieber's music is wayy better than Jackie Evancho's piles of garbage but still quite bad. - SelfDestruct

Wait till ya see Tyga the goat raper. - AlphaQ

9 Their uses of money

Jackie Evancho uses her money better than Justin Bieber

If you say jackie evancho uses her own money to spend on charities and on animal shelters, I think that is very nice of her and helping others is better than getting what you want

Donating money to charities is very kind. Jackie is not wasting her money, she's being generous. She's only 15 and wouldn't have much of a use for it even if she didn't donate it. This list is crappy. Remove this pile of garbage now.

You disgust me. - WonkeyDude98

10 Real music fans hate anything Jackie Evancho made

I hate classical music, but that is no reason to hate Jackie. I don't know what kind of personality she has. I only judge when I know them better

Actually, real music fans like Evancho. You sir, have a terrible taste in music - EpicJake

Yeah! Puccini schmooccini! All them words that no one but Italyeans can understand! What's with that? Gimme sum eff the b, and eff the man, and take whatever else you can! Like real music, dude!

The Contenders

11 Their coolness/lameness

Yeah! And if his neigbor pisses him off, he eggs the dudes whole house! No one eff's with the Bieb!

12 The beats in their music

I hope you noticed that Jackie Evancho is a classical singer. Beats is the last thing that matters. - FennikenFan9

Uhm! Classical Crossover doesn't have beats yes but it's way more complex and beautiful than "beats" will ever be!

Justin Bieber's music has cool beats but Jackie Evancho is too stupid to even put a beat in her music. - SelfDestruct

The Bieb knows how to USE a drum machine! Thump, thump, thump, thump! Yeah! Makes me wanna go grind, man! 'Waste of time singin with a hundred piece orkest... Orckesr... Ah, eff it! Band.

13 Justin Bieber is able to be a famous music artist without releasing any good songs, Jackie Evancho remains relatively obscure despite having a stronger library.
14 Justin Bieber is able to stay in the spotlight for non-music relating things, Jackie Evancho has to keep singing.

Wait... if you're writing musician you SHOULD be known for singing unless you're a fake

Yeah! She just sang a duet with Andrea Bocelli in Bangkok, Thailand. Who is he anyway? And she's going back to sing with David Foster & Friends Hitman Asia Tour 2015 with a bunch of other unknowns like Peter Cetera, Natalie Cole, Ruben Studdard, and Boyz II Men. How can she ever hope to become as famous as the Bieb hanging with losers like them?

Try all you want Jackie Evancho. You will never get famous. - SelfDestruct

15 Justin Bieber is on pace to flame out early leaving him he rest of his life for other pursuits, Jackie will likely be in the industry or years to come.

That will not happen. JB will have a better future than JE. - SelfDestruct

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