Top Ten Reasons Why Kansas is One of the Greatest Rock Bands

Ok, so maybe Kansas isn't one of the greatest rock bands in YOUR Opinion, but still. I made this list because I already made one on why Iron Maiden was a great band, and I saw other people making lists about their favorite bands, so It's time I tell you about one of my favorite bands, Kansas. Yes, Kansas. The best Progressive Rock band in America (Pink Floyd, Genesis, Yes, and King Crimson are all from the UK, and I didn't say North American because Rush is from Canada, which is from North America).

The Top Ten

1 They are a Unique Band, that Isn't Like Any Other Progressive Rock Band

I have heard of other flute playing rock bands such as Jethro Tull, and bands such as Yes and Rush sound similar. However, how many times will you hear a violin-playing rock band. I haven't heard of any other bands so far. They also do not sound anything like your average band, and if they had keyboards, they sounded much different than those of other progressive rock bands.

I have never heard of this band and never listened to that band. - Fandomstuck

For a groundbreaker in electric rock violin, try Sugarcane Harris.

2 They are Very Talented

Agree with it - zxm

Although not nearly as talented as Rush, Robby Steinhardt is pretty great at violin, and Phil Ehart is a great drummer, with a great drum solo in Incomudro (Hymn to the Atman). Steve Walsh is also a great singer and keyboardist.

3 They Wrote Some Pretty Good Lyrics

Not only that, but those lyrics aren't even the main focus in a lot of their songs, and they still did a pretty good job. Carry On Wayward Son and Miracles out of Nowhere both have great lyrics.

4 They Wrote Many Great Songs, More Than Just Carry on Wayward Son and Dust in the Wind

When many think of Kansas, they just think of those two songs. However, songs such as Journey From Mariabronn, Lamplight Symphony, The Pinnacle, Miracles out of Nowhere, Magnum Opus, Lightning's Hand, and A Glimpse of Home are all great songs.

5 Kerry Livgren is a Great Songwriter and Guitarist

Not a bad songwriter, but nowhere near the best actually, since Steve Harris, Bob Dylan, John Lennon, and Roger Waters are all better. He is also a pretty good guitarist.

6 Kansas May Not Be Nearly as Good as They Were in the 70s, but They are Still Pretty Good Today

Unlike other bands like Metallica, they didn't get very bad, and even their newer music, including the songs from their new album are still pretty good. Oh, and speaking of Metallica, Kansas also wrote a song called Fight Fire with Fire that was released ONE Year before Metallica's Fight Fire with Fire. I still like Metallica's song better though.

7 Phil Ehart is a Really Good Progressive Rock Drummer

Just listen to his drum solo in Incomudro (Hymn to the Atman).

8 Steve Walsh is a Great Vocalist, Percussionist, and Keyboardist

I never thought I would say this, but he's actually a better singer than Bruce Dickinson.

9 Robby Steinhardt is a Pretty Good Violinist
10 Rich Williams is a Great Guitarist

Too bad he lost his right eye in an accident with fireworks. Never play with fireworks little kiddies reading this.

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