Reasons Why Kanye West is an Idiot

The Top Ten Reasons Why Kanye West is an Idiot

1 He Has a Huge Ego

But a very small brain.

2 He is a Sellout
3 He's a Jerk
4 He Wants to Be President

Although He Knows Nothing About Politics And He's A High School Dropout - 12cc

It would be the end of the world.

Oh please! Really?

No. Just no.

5 He Married Kim
6 He Disrespects His Fans
7 He Can't Rap But He Thinks He Can

Haha, true.

8 He Thinks He's Better Than Everyone Else Although He Isn't
9 He Hates Taylor Swift
10 He Thinks that "400 Years of Slavery Was a Choice"

He is an ignorant ass

The Contenders

11 He Looks Like a Ripoff of P. Diddy


12 He Likes Donald Trump

This should be #1 - jameshoward

13 He Upstaged Beck
14 He Told a Fan in a Wheelchair to Stand Up
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