Top 10 Reasons Why Kanye West Shouldn't Win the 2020 Presidential Election

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1 Kim would become First Lady

Imagine a country whose First Lady is a stripper who gone famous because of a sex tape.

Just imagine that the First Lady is plastic hoe who is famous for her fake butt.

She was actually Paris Hilton's personal assistant before she became famous - germshep24

The first First Lady to have be made of plastic - SirSkeletorThe3rd

2 He has zero political experience

Yes and rapping is not exactly very related to running a country.

And so does trump, but for some reason, trump is winning - RecklessGreed

Wait when was this list made, Trump had already won and it is way to soon to say anyone is close to winning the run for Presidency, Trump will be the Republican candidate unless he gets booted out of the White House before hand, the question is which democrat will run against him - germshep24

At last Obama had experience - NightmareCinema

Even Trump has had more experience than him before he became president.

Doing campaigns with his own money doesn't count as experience, Trump had no political experience before becoming President in fact him becoming President is the only reason that so many celebrities have thrown their hat into the ring or have joked about it.
A guy with absolutely no experience become the head of one of the most powerful nations so why can't they do it to - germshep24

3 He's not the right person to run

No celebrity should run for president, there has only been two examples of a celebrity President that was Jimmy Carter and our current President. Jimmy Carter was hated for his term as Presidency but there was respect for him after the fact and Donald Trump who is also widely hated but it is hard to judge him until his Presidency is over - germshep24

One of the things he's best known for is having a "beautiful dark twisted fantasy". In the political world, many people will take that out of context and assume his fantasy is a left-wing government. Other than that, why would America elect some random black guy from the south side of Chicago who lives life as a rapper? - yaygiants16

He has NO experience. I mean, who'd want a rapper as president? Imagine his economic reform! I mean, all the economy would be from rap music. Imagine his tax reform. He'd tax everyone so he'd be rich!

Kanye West is a fraud! He shouldn't be come a president because rappers aren't allowed! Kanye is the worst celebrity alongside Bieber. HE SHOULD BE ARRESTED, BEATEN TIL UNCONSCIOUS, AND BANNED FROM EVER BEING FAMOUS AGAIN!

4 He's a jackass

One of Obama's best lines ever: He's a jackass.

I can never forget the moment when Barack Obama said three words to describe Kanye West: "He's a jackass." It's funny because it's true! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I don't like Obama, but I agree with him 100% on this.

Hate Obama, but this line was THE BEST!

5 With his temper, he can start a war for a very small reason

This could be said about Trump, but he hasn't started a war as of this moment, so there is no reason to assume West would either - germshep24

He can’t start a war, he has to go to congress to sign on a war and he can’t start making laws. SO LEARN ABOUT THE GOVERNMENT BEFORE COMMENTING - Marshmallo


Canada: Your music is autotuned.
Kanye: Uwot? I am the most talented human/God in the world! No, universe! I declare war!
Mexico: I agree with Canada
China: Same
U.K.: With Canada on this one
Brazil: Same
Australia: Same
Spain: Same
Japan: Same
Russia: The Soviet Union is reforming to declare that Kanye is an idiot.
Ukraine: I support Russia on this.
Finland: Me too
Sweden: Let's all agree that Kanye's an idiot
Norway: Ok then.
New Zealand: Kanye truly is an idiot if he wants war because of this.
Argentina: True, New Zealand
Mongolia: True
Thailand: True
India: True
Phillipenes: True
Portugal: True
Germany: Anyone else agree that Kanye's a jackass?
Poland: Me
Crimea: Me
Latvia: Me
Lithuania: Me
Poland: Me
Jamaica: Me
Fiji: Me
Borneo: Me
Belgium: Me
Greece: Let's just bomb Kanye's house.
South Korea: Millions would die, North ...more

This is the best comment I have ever read. You forgot France, though. - HufflepuffGeekGirl

6 He would force everyone to listen to his music

I rather have this than have donald trump start a war.

I don't know I would rather be dead than have to listen to his music all the damn time, those his all rapper cabinet would be very interesting - germshep24

So torture basically - LilPumpTheGod

No one can force us to do anything - Marshmallo

Good - iliekpiez

7 He would make buying his albums a law

And you can be imprisoned or even killed just because of violating this "law".

That's when I would move to Canada, because I hate Kanye's music!

I don't want his albums though. Please don't make me.

It is nice to see joke additions to the list - germshep24

8 He'd probably change the theme song for America to one of his songs

Oh come on, he would make a remake of the national anthem come on now and Jay-Z will some how be a special guest on it - germshep24

God, Please give us back John Lennon so we can vote him president (and so that Imagine can be our new national anthem)

DEFINITELY NOT FADE! I'm not American but I don't won't to put you 500 million or so through torture!

As long as it's one of his old songs. Like Stronger. - AlphaQ

9 He will change the national flag to a picture of his face

West is a jerk who thinks he is god. He will do everything to make himself famous, even if it means having a picture of him on the american flag.

There will be a town named after him. It will be in Illinois and be called West. - BubbleBear01

Oh no! Kanye Wong Un would ruin the US if that happened!

That picture made me laugh for some reason - aj2005

10 He supports Donald Trump

Not the only one - iliekpiez

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11 He will legalize weed

Kids would be getting baked (high) non stop! That's something I do not want to happen even though I live in the UK - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

That's one reason why he should win. - aj2005

Today I saw a weed candy truck

Oh well - iliekpiez

12 He will twist the minds of our youth

He and his wife are most likely sex addicts.

Soon, he'll change the education so kindergartenersorry will learn about drugs, sex, twerking, and butts. Ewww.

13 He is clinically insane

I had never been a fan of Kanye West but I think he was better in the 2000s.

Let's not joke about this.

Yeah unlike Trump.. The role of the P.O.T.U.S requires all candidates to be mentally sane and fit and Kanye suffers from mental um yeah I don't even see him getting pass primaries or cacusses - Rebelf9

14 He'll replace every religion in the U.S. With Kanyeism

I'm going into hiding if this ever happens! He'd probably persecute everyone who doesn't follow his religion and put them into concentration camps forcing them to be tortured by his music videos as if he were another Hitler!

That would violate the first Amendment of the Constitution, which says everyone has freedom of religion. How is there freedom when there is only one? - SwagFlicks

I wish I could speak Japanese so I can move to Japan if this happens. Better to religiously watch anime instead of listening to Kanye's songs.

THAT'S IT! I'm moving to Australia! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

15 He would make rock music (and possibly metal) illegal

I disagree on this. Kanye has shown to be a fan of rock. He sampled 21st Century Schizoid Man by King Crimson in his song Power, and covered Bohemian Rhapsody (horribly). Metal music...I'm not so sure about.

If that does happen, then I'll move to Canada enough said.

Didn't he sample a King Crimson song though?

This is the most ignorant list on the site by far lol - ProPanda

16 The annoying and sexual modern music world of America would take over the world


17 He's rude
18 He's arrogant

He is way to full of himself to become president.


19 He has no political experience

Come on! I mean, imagine what he'll do to this country!

This is a very valid point. A rapper as president would never work out. But as you know, millennials can be stupid and could vote for him as a joke.

20 He lacks the simple knowledge

Of course. He wouldn't be able to run anyway as he isn't exactly qualified for the job. Though if he was actually to become president...

He isn't even a politician

21 He will say that Beyonce has the best video of all time to everyone who won best video besides Beyonce

I remember the moment when Taylor Swift won Best Female Video and Kanye interrupt her.I think if Taylor win awards on VMA, he will come to the stage and take the trophy and give it to another nominate artist. - TaylorSwiftLover02

Beyonce is alright.

22 He will banish Taylor Swift and her friends, and family from United States

No, Kanye is better than Taylor Swift and Taylor is overrated. If Kanye becomes president and banishes Taylor Swift we wouldn't have to worry anymore about the Kanye and Taylor feud. - Lucasw14

Even Taylor is better than Kanye, a big wrapper. Lol. - Erinaliese

23 He's foolish.
24 He will declare Michael Jackson and Beatles music illegal

This would never happen because Kanye has said he enjoys Michael Jackson's music. - yaygiants16

You can take away Michael Jackson but not Beatles! I love the Beatles! No! Don't become president! (I know this won't happen)

I don't know if that's true, he's good friends with Paul McCartney. But if that does happen, I'm leaving.

He's collaborated on paul with two songs...but if that ever happens, music is officially dead

25 He would make sure he wins all the awards
26 He racist

I agree do any of you remember that whole racist rant he had about slavery being a choice?...So apparently if he gets elected he will be the next and black version of Donald Trump - Rebelf9

27 He's Too Young

No Kanye is above 40. That's old enough. - AlphaQ

You have to be at least 35 to be president.
Kanye is 39.
He is not too young, but he still wouldn't be my choice, even if I like his music. - djpenquin999

28 He will make buying album his a law.

Already here

29 America will have a new name: North Kanye
30 He would make Drake Vice President

I love drake, but not this idiot

He can't, Drake is born in Canada.

Lol, Drake ain't even American. - B1ueNew

Very unlikely, to be honest. - MrCoolC

31 He would name Taylor Swift Secretary of State

Nah, Taylor isn't interested in that stuff. - Swellow

And vice will be Snoop Dogg - TeamRocket747

And his vice president would be Beyoncè. Movin' to Canada!

32 He would start World War III because Beyonce's video didn't win at the VMAs
33 He is 55 million dollars in personal debt

Our debt is already extremely high, and we do not need any more of it.

34 He's been arrested

If you want to become president, your criminal record must to be 0. I heard he got arrested before in 2008, so he cannot be president. - ChroniclerMan5

Bill and Hillary Clinton both committed plenty of crimes. George H.W. Bush killed other people with a jet in World War 2, George W Bush's wife Laura killed someone in a car crash before she married him. And Andrew Jackson was responsible for deaths of Native Americans and he was allowed to finish his term. So I don't know why this is here. Pretty much Every President has committed a crime during while their in office or before they became president. - B1ueNew

35 He will cause another 9/11
36 Jay Z would Be Vice President

Jay-Z is better than Kanye West. Period. - AlphaQ

Apparently Jay Z is not on good terms with Kanye because their wives hate each other, highly unlikely.

37 He will start WWIII because no one will buy his albums

No one wants to hear a screeching donkey but if it saves the U.S. I'll consider buying a song.

I feel like some of the reasons are repetitive

Life Of Pablo went number one on streams alone? He dosn't even sell then anymore - ProPanda

38 Being president is hard

Have you noticed how Obama's hair gets grayer and grayer. It's because of stress. Presidents have to write policies,sign or veto bills, meet with other presidents, meet with the Cabinet. They also have secret service who will not let them use the internet or do anything!

39 He would rename every state after one of his songs

Don't you ever rename texas or we'll beat you up. - TeamRocket747

Georgia Will Be Called After His Best Song:
Stronger. That'll Mean The End Of The US. - 12cc

40 No one can spell his first name correctly

I always thought his name way kayne

I always thought his name was kayne

This list does better than most. I've seen Kenye, Kanya, Kaney, Kenya, and probably other variations...

41 He would get assassinated by Taylor Swift's father

This is a good reason not a bad reason he would deserve it a little

42 He would make new laws in the form of rap
43 He is a rapper wanting to be president, not a president that can rap
44 He would make Beck's music illegal
45 He will declare war on every country that his music isn't in
46 He will try to use telepathy to make his head go on Mount Rushmore
47 He will make people to leave the U.S.
48 It will be the end of the world the week he is president.
49 America will become like North Korea.
50 He will change the television shows
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